54 Days: Lavonte David

As we countdown the days until the Bucs' 1st preseason game, we discuss a different Bucs player at length.

We are just 54 days away from the Bucs' 1st preseason game on August 15th in Minnesota. Each day, we will continue to countdown to when the Bucs are back on the field against an opponent. As we countdown the days, we will also write stories relating to the expectations, predictions, and personal history of 54 different players on the Bucs' roster. Since today marks 54 days until that happens, I thought it would be appropriate to start with Lavonte David.

Lavonte David is probably my favorite player on the Bucs roster as of right now. He's the quiet assassin at linebacker. I also believe that Lavonte David, albeit has been very good, could be in store for a special season in 2015.

I think to this point, the Bucs' defense has been led by Gerald McCoy. As Lavonte David has grown through his early years in the NFL, he has made a substantial name for himself locally, but has yet to really scratch the surface of national recognition. As a matter of fact, the thing David is still most known for is his late hit on Geno Smith in 2013 that gave the Jets the win in the season opener.

Last year was a solid year for the Bucs' weakside linebacker, but he lacked the impact plays needed to reach elite status throughout the NFL. After totaling 5 interceptions and 7 sacks in 2013, David had just 1 sack and no interceptions in his first season under Lovie Smith in 2014. Being a solid player gets you recognition locally, impact plays are what get you All Pro votes at the end of the season.

I think 2015 becomes the year Lavonte David makes the Bucs' defense his defense. I think Lavonte David finds a way to make more impact plays that will ultimately help the Bucs win way more games in 2015. If David can do that, the Bucs defense will easily become a top 10 defense in the NFL moving forward.

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