"Growing Pains" Expected with Winston

Bucs' offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter says he's expecting growing pains with Winston.

Did you think it would be a smooth ride?

Jameis Winston has not taken a snap in an NFL game, but his offensive coordinator is already prepared for some bumpy roads ahead.

"In a perfect world as a coach, you really want to feel like you have control over knowing exactly what this guy is going to do," Dirk Koetter said to FoxSports.com. "We don't have that with Jameis right now."

We all know that Jameis Winston had issues protecting the football at FSU in 2014. It was a major concern for the Jameis detractors leading up to the draft. Well, perhaps this will add fuel to your fire. Koetter explains that Winston's wild ways on the field are still showing up.

"Jameis does some things both sides," Koetter continued. "He does some things like 'Wow!' above and beyond what you would ask him to do every day. And then he does a couple of things every day where you go, 'Jameis, oh my god! Why did you just do that?' There's going to be growing pains."

For the knowledgeable football fan, this should come as no surprise. Winston is a rookie quarterback with tremendous pressure on his shoulders. He will make mistakes. It's inevitable. How he responds to those mistakes will define what type of career he ends up having with the Bucs in the NFL.

Just so we're clear, "growing pains" isn't always a bad thing. Take one of my favorite TV shows growing up as case-in-point.

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