Jameis Winston Can Learn from Manziel

Jameis Winston can learn a lot by seeing what Johnny Manziel put himself and his team through during his rookie season.

Johnny Manziel's rookie season was a disaster. The hope was that Manziel would mature once he entered the NFL. Unfortunately, the opposite happened, and he ultimately found himself in a rehab facility for alcohol abuse. Now, the hope is that Manziel can stay on the right path, but he has more doubters than ever before. Because of this, Manziel's career lies in the balance as he only enters his 2nd season.

Cleveland thought they had their quarterback much like the Bucs now believe they have theirs. If Jameis Winston wants to become the face of the Buccaneers, he must avoid the type of mistakes that have plagued him in the past, and avoid the bad decisions that has Manziel's future in doubt.

"I'm in no point to judge,'' Winston said via the Cleveland Plain Dealer at a Play 60 event. "I've got to better myself and improve every day as a person."

Winston does believe he can learn by what has happened to Manziel, but does also believe the two are different.

"It's about my actions,'' Winston said. "I got to be a quarterback. When I'm off the field I got to be a quarterback, when I'm on the field I've got to be a quarterback. I know people are going to look at me in each and every way. I just smile, man.''

Jameis Winston is a popular man among Tampa Bay these days, but that popularity will only last with success on and off the field. True tests for Winston are just weeks away.

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