Bucs Using Madden Strategy

The Bucs have used an approach Madden video game players have used for years as they start franchise mode.

We're talking video games here. I mean, we live in a twitter, video game, and fantasy football world. I believe that's the shift we're going through right now from generation to generation. With that said, my next generation is a generation of video game players and 140 characters or less. Oh, and the go-to video game for all football fans is the updated Madden game each year.

I'm sure you have your own strategies when you first buy the new Madden, and I have mine. My favorite mode, and usually the only mode I will use, is franchise mode. I want complete control of everything. I want control of the roster, my coaching staff, and finances with my stadium. Playing Madden is the only way I'll ever be able to experience what that much power feels like.

The real Bucs have mimicked my strategy for when I first take over a franchise in franchise mode. If I feel I have any need for a quarterback, my secret hope as the main guy in charge is that my team loses as many games as possible to put me in position to draft a quarterback. Ironically, Jason Licht and Lovie Smith took over the Bucs, and in their first season they did lose enough games to secure their franchise QB.

The other focus of my first year of a franchise on Madden is improving my bottom line. There's no way I'm going to load up my new franchise with a ton of elite talent right off the bat, but I can cut the dead weight. You're only as strong as your weakest link. Overpaid players are usually the first target, but so are players that just don't belong on an NFL roster. Jason Licht took this approach to a new level this off-season by parting ways with roster garbage like Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, and Josh McCown. He also cut ties with the overpaid Dashon Goldson.

The Bucs have had an overall talent problem for a while, but this off-season may be a nice step in the right direction. By focusing on improving the bottom of the roster first, the depth should naturally improve as well. The top of the roster does take some time to fully develop, but the bottom of that same roster should be able to be drastically improved in one off-season. It can happen in Madden, and we all know how realistic they've made that game, right?

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