Bucs Could Be Called Into The Winston Trial

A report states the legal team for Winston's accuser reached out to the team for information to use as evidence.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Anne C. Conway decided to keep the recent lawsuit filed by quarterback Jameis Winston’s accuser, Erica Kinsman, in Orlando after Winston’s team filed a motion to move it to Tallahassee.

But this is just the beginning in the Winston legal saga when it comes to Tampa Bay’s legal involvement.

A report in the Washington Post states that the Buccaneers could be called into the trial. Reason is when a report released information about the team’s own investigation into their rookie quarterback’s background -- interviewing more than 75 people -- that meant it could be used as evidence. Kinsman’s attorney has already reportedly reached out to the team.

"After stories about [the team interviewing more than 75 people] surfaced, the Buccaneers’ lawyer got an email from [Kinsman’s attorney John Clune].He was building his case against their new star quarterback and asked the team to preserve the record of their investigation, in case he needed it as evidence."

Details from the team’s own investigation is unknown. However, they felt confident enough to proceed with the selection after they concluded their investigation.

The team was not immediately available for comment.

After Thursday’s court ruling, Winston’s attorney David Cornwell stated that this trial will not interfere with his client’s concentration on football.

“Jameis is doing great. Jameis is focusing on becoming the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Cornwell said via WESH. “This young man won all but one football game in college with things hanging over his head. He knows how to focus."

The trial is set to begin July 2016.

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