In This Week's Issue of Buccaneer Magazine...

September 5 – This week's issue of Buccaneer Magazine features Bucs' QB Brad Johnson on the cover, who is predicted by the magazine to lead the Pewter Pirates to Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans. Click here to get a preview of what is in the current issue of Buccaneer Magazine, call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) today.

In This Week's Issue of Buccaneer Magazine…

GAME COVERAGE: Eight pages of Bucs vs. Falcons coverage complete with locker room quotes, play tracker charts and stats.

COVER STORY: Buccaneer Magazine editor-in-chief previews "Murderer's Row", which discusses the outstanding defensive ends rookie LT Kenyatta Walker will be lining up against this season.

BUCCANEER BLITZ: Buccaneer Magazine editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds breaks down each of the Bucs' 16 games this season and gives his predictions for all of them. Reynolds also gives his playoff and Super Bowl predictions. Where does Reynolds have the Bucs finishing this season?

GOAL LINE STAND: Haggerty says "20 is the magic number for the Buccaneers this season" in his weekly column. Aside from the Football 101, Hagerty also takes a look at other issues surrounding the Buccaneers and the NFL.

POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Haggerty and Reynolds square off on the topic: "Who Must the Cowboys Offense Game Plan for?" Haggerty picks SS John Lynch, while Reynolds chooses DT Warren Sapp.

CHEERLEADER PAGE: Buccaneers Cheerleader Angela Crawford is featured in a swimsuit on the beach and her Bucs uniform.

COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF: Staff writer Jim Flynn previews the Bucs vs. Cowboys game, reviews three key matchups and takes a sneak peek at the Bucs' Week 2 home opener against Philadelphia Eagles.

BUCS COACHES Q&A: Haggerty interviews Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive assistant Kevin O'Dea..

X's and O's: Bucs defensive line coach Rod Marinelli provides illustration and explanation of the "Full Blitz Nose Spy" defense.

AUDIBLES: The Buccaneer Magazine staff sounds off on "What record with the Buccaneers finish with in 2001?"

Plus, all of the latest news in Huddle Up, the latest scoop in Buccaneers Buzz, letters to the editor in Voices From The Grandstands, Community News, NFC Central Division Report and the Jock Doc.

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