Koetter's Friendly Offense Will Benefit Bucs

Quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian says Dirk Koetter's offense is "player-friendly."

Once upon a time, some believed the hiring of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter paved the way for the Bucs to draft quarterback Marcus Mariota. Those folks were connecting the wrong dots.

Fast forward to the present time and all you hear is how Tampa Bay’s offensive staff is impressed with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston’s understanding of the Buccaneers offense. Part of that is because Winston has said countless times how comfortable he is in the team’s offensive scheme as it resembled that of Florida State.

Quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian said Tuesday following practice that Koetter’s offensive philosophy bodes well for their rookie signal caller as well as the rest of the offense.

“The scheme, I really think is quarterback-friendly. It’s player-friendly in general,” Bajakian said of the offense. “I think it’s easy for all positions to learn, but at the same time there’s an element of complexity that there’s not necessarily predictability. [Dirk Koetter’s] leadership qualities I really appreciate. He does a good job of managing the personalities in the offense and challenging guys, but at the same time patting them on the butt.”

Time will tell how the 2015 offense will look like. Besides, it’s not just Winston learning a new offense, the rest of the team is as well.

When it’s all said and done, the acquisition of Koetter may turn out to be the best one the Bucs have made in quite some time.

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