ALERT: Demar Dotson Injures Knee

Demar Dotson suffers an apparent knee injury at the end of the 1st half of the Bucs first preseason game.

It seemed as if the Buccaneers would head into halftime only thinking about how Jameis Winston played in his debut. Unfortunately for the Bucs, at the end of the first half, starting right tackle Demar Dotson went down with an apparent left knee injury.

Dotson had held out during the summer in demand of a new contract. His current deal is still for the next two seasons, but Dotson was hoping to replace his current contract with a more financially rewarding one as soon as possible. If this knee injury is as serious as most anticipate, that deal won't happen anytime soon.

As for the Buccaneers offensive line, this could be a huge blow. Dotson might not be a dominant lineman, but he was one of their more consistent linemen. If Dotson is out the remainder of the season, it's highly likely that 2nd year player Kevin Pamphile would get the first opportunity to fill that spot.

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