WATCH: Kwon Alexander Into Starting Lineup

Kwon Alexander was all over the field during the Bucs' 1st preseason game, but is he good enough to crack the starting lineup?

During the preseason, NFL coaches are less focused on the overall team results, and more focused on how individuals play. While it's safe to say a majority of the Bucs' rookie class seemed a bit nervous in their first NFL game, Kwon Alexander was anything but that.

"If I had to point one guy on the defensive side, I would say Kwon Alexander and how he played," Lovie Smith said on Sunday. "He was outstanding. He made a couple rookie mistakes, but beyond that, it was a good start."

The Bucs rookie linebacker was all over the field on Saturday night. Playing middle linebacker, Alexander showed off his athleticism and speed, while also making the decision to keep him out of the starting lineup very difficult on the coaching staff.

"It’s hard not to take notice for some of the things that he is doing," Lovie Smith said.

At practice on Monday, the Buccaneers made the switch by letting Alexander run with the starting defense and had free agent acquisition Bruce Carter on the 2nd team. Alexander's knack for making splash plays makes him a very attractive option for a defense in dire need of splash plays.

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