WATCH: Most Disappointing Bucs Players

The Buccaneers played their first preseason game on Saturday night. Here are the most disappointing players from that game.

It was not an overly pretty performance by the Bucs on Saturday night. While all eyes were on Jameis Winston, according to the extremely high ratings, there were plenty of candidates for the most disappointing performance award.

"Whenever they keep score you want to win, so that was disappointing, but for us it’s a little bit bigger than that," Lovie Smith said on Sunday. "We wanted to see where were as a football team. You know, set the bar. We did that. The bar is, of course, lower than where we would like it to be right now."

The most unfortunate part of the disappointing performances from Saturday night were that they came from predictable sources who still have a role on this football team. Garrett Gilkey and Leonard Johnson continue to be liabilities on both sides of the ball.

“We have to protect the football a lot better than we did," Lovie said of the errant snaps from Saturday. "Some snaps were high, low. We weren’t pleased with that at all. Yes Josh [Allen] is out now, but he’s been out a while. I’m just going to say we need better play. It starts with that center-quarterback exchange and that hasn’t been what we need it to be. I’ll even say even at practice at times it hadn’t been that way. We know that’s been an issue and we’ll continue to work to get it better.”

Gilkey, Johnson, and Koenen are all carry-overs from last season, and probably should all be on a serious bubble at this point.

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