PODCAST: Jameis Winston was Fine in 1st Game

In this podcast, Justin Pawlowski tells why he liked Jameis Winston's first game performance, his true feelings about Garrett Gilkey, and much more from Bucs camp.

One thing I didn't want to do was to rush to do a podcast before my true opinions were set on how I feel about the Bucs and their players. After watching numerous practices and Saturday night's game, I'm confident enough in my opinions to present to you this 45 minute podcast.

I spend the first 30 minutes on the Bucs. I explain why I liked Jameis Winston's performance on Saturday night, and why it was everything that I was looking for from him. I also explain how nervous I am of the Bucs talent evaluation since they still have Garrett Gilkey on their team. During the podcast, I discuss just about every relevant player on the team and how they impact the team.

After talking about the team, I answered all kind of twitter questions. Most of the questions revolved around the Bucs, but we got some crazy questions too.

I ended the podcast with a clip from my old radio days as a tribute to Robin Williams.


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