ALERT: Lovie Smith to Call Defensive Plays

They say, "desperate times call for desperate measures," but is that why Lovie Smith has taken over the defensive playcalling in 2015? We discuss in this video.

The Buccaneers defense was not awful in 2014. Actually, it can be argued that the defense progressively got better throughout the 2014 season. We definitely know they were nowhere near as bad as the Bucs offense last season. With that said, it appears as if Lovie Smith will be taking the defensive playcalling away from defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

The Buccaneers defense has much more talent than the national media is giving them credit for. Yes, they could use a pass rusher and possibly another safety, but their linebackers and defensive tackles are as deep as most teams around the NFL. Having talent is one thing, but bringing them together to play as one unit is completely different.

The writing might have been on the wall for Leslie Frazier as the Cowboys season came to an end during the playoffs. It was at that time where rumors were flying from every direction that the Buccaneers were ready to make a strong push to bring Rod Marinelli over to be their defensive coordinator. I, like many, heard that the Buccaneers would pursue him, but before any pursuit could initiate, Marinelli resigned with the Cowboys, and the Bucs were stuck with Frazier calling the plays.

Perhaps, Lovie Smith taking over the defensive playcalling is a sign that the Bucs were in fact ready to make a serious play for Marinelli. It might also be a sign that Lovie is already feeling the heat with the Bucs. Hell, another 2,3, or 4 win season, and the Bucs just might be looking for another coach in 2016.

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