WATCH: Is Doug Martin a Good Fantasy Option?

Doug Martin looks like he has improved in the preseason so far, but is he a safe fantasy play in 2015?

Doug Martin was the hot name in fantasy football a year ago. With new coach Lovie Smith taking over as Bucs head coach, the assumption was that Doug MArtin would handle a giant load placed on his shoulders.Unfortunately for Martin, he was unable to break many tackles and his offensive line was in shambles.

"One of our coaches said it the other day in a meeting, ‘What Doug did the other night in the game, that’s how Doug has been practicing every day,’" Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said on Wednesday. "So that was not surprising that he did that. He’s been practicing like that. Doug definitely has a pep in his step and a smile on his face, but you would have to ask him more on that.”

Doug Martin does look like a different running back in the preseason this year. He has lost a ton of weight, but seems to be running stronger than he has the past couple of seasons. He has found a lot of speed and excellent explosion. It has also helped that his offensive line looks much improved from where that unit was in 2014.

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