Bucs Biggest Weaknesses Exploited vs. Browns

The Buccaneers were exploited along the line of scrimmage in their 31-7 loss to the Browns.

The offensive line had issues. The Browns' pass rush was getting to rookie quarterback Jameis Winston easily during the first few drives. But that's too easy to point out. The problem with the Bucs has been a lack of pass rush and for three straight preseason games, it's been a common theme.

Last week against the Bengals, they were able to get to quarterback Andy Dalton. However, it wasn't because of Clinton McDonald or Gerald McCoy that the pass rush worked at times, it was because of the two newcomers in George Johnson and Henry Melton. And that was the case once again Saturday night against Cleveland.

Sure, a pass rush is a pass rush. The Bucs will take it in any way shape or form they can get it. But when Josh McCown is moving around in the pocket or out of it  after stepping up into it first, there is a problem with the interior of the Buccaneers defensive front. It was a problem throughout last season and it is continuing again through three preseason games.

Look, I know McCoy is an All-Pro, Pro Bowler, all those accolades you'd like to use to justify your argument for him. But we have seen McCoy get pushed off the ball often already (and not to mention in practice by a rookie). And when your only rush from the inside coming from Melton whipping around the end or when he lines up on the interior, there is a problem -- a problem with the self proclaimed face of the team. Especially when he played the third highest amount of snaps on the defense.

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