Kwon Alexander's Impact on the Bucs Defense

Kwon Alexander provided the lone Bucs highlight on Saturday night, but his impact on the defense should be plentiful in 2015.

When I ask you to name the key players on the Bucs defense, I'm sure the first two names that come to mind are Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David. They are the two names who have been around the longs, they were both high draft picks, and they have put up some nice numbers early on in their NFL careers. Hell, both just got new big money contracts.

What if I told you that neither of those players were most important to the defense's success/failure in 2015?

We know what David and McCoy bring. Lavonte David must focus on more splash/impact plays in 2015, since he didn't provide many in 2014. For McCoy, we all know of his disappearing act in the 2nd half of games. The man who goes by @Geraldini on twitter, performs like Harry Houdini in the 4th quarter by becoming the invisible man.

While the focus of this piece is on Kwon Alexander, him and Henry Melton look like they could end up being the most impactful players on defense for the Bucs in 2015. Melton offers much more consistency in rushing the passer than McCoy does, and Kwon Alexander has the capacity of exciting the defense on any given play.

Kwon Alexander has been showing off his impact ability since training camp started. He's already looking like one of the big steals of the draft too. 

In the play above, his hit on Josh McCown was able to rally the defense to play much better after a sluggish start. Hits like that eventually jar the ball loose and create turnovers.

He's just a rookie, but I feel it might only be a matter of time before Kwon Alexander becomes the face of the Bucs defense much like Luke Kuechly in Carolina. The Bucs defense is not a finished product by any means, but they are much different and much better with the Ambassador of Kwon in the middle.

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