PODCAST: Bucs Walking a Fine Line

The Bucs have played one great game and one horrendous game in the past week. Justin Pawlowski combines both of them into this podcast.

I was very close to doing a podcast after the Bucs impressive performance in Monday's win over the Bengals. If I would have done the podcast then, it would have been full of unicorns and rainbows. There would have been so much happiness, Mickey Mouse would have told me to tone it down. In the end, I made the wise decision to wait a few days and combine the two games into one podcast.

While many Bucs fans are completely freaking out over Saturday's performance against the Browns, I'll remind you of the performance we saw from the Bucs just a few days before. Take a note from my book. In the preseason, it's not as great or as bad as you think. Lovie Smith even said that the focus is more on individual players than on the team as a whole.

"And keep in mind in the preseason on what we’re trying to do in the preseason," Lovie Smith said on Sunday. "We’re going to try to win every game in the preseason but it’s bigger than that, too. A lot of different situations, a lot of different combinations you’re looking to before we can string together those wins that you’re talking about.”

They aren't playing to win any game in the preseason. They're making a play call to see how one specific player responds. They're making substitutions with the only goal in mind of seeing how certain players play together. 

Just sit back, relax, and listen to my latest podcast. The regular season is almost here.

Oh, and you probably shouldn't listen to this through your speakers at work. Just sayin...

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