Bucs Players That Need Big Thursday Night

While most of the Bucs starters might not be playing Thursday night, there are certain players who could cement their spot on the final roster with a strong game.

Lovie Smith has a specific way he approaches the final preseason game. Last year, Josh McCown, Mike Glennon, and most of the Bucs other starters were held out of playing in the final preseason game. While most of the regulars did not play, Lovie Smith still said this week that players can make the Bucs final roster with a big performance in this final preseason game.

"Yes, it does happen," Lovie Smith said of players making the final roster because of how they played in the final preseason game. "Without me, of course, giving names, yes, guys get an opportunity and they know it. Sometimes when you come down to that final strike, you hit a home run. We are looking for that."

The Bucs have plenty of players on offense and defense fighting for roster spots.

On offense, the log jam at wide receiver should be on display on Thursday night. Kenny Bell, Rannell Hall, Kaelin Clay, Donteea Dye, and Adam Humphries will be battling for potentially two roster spots. Clay could be considered just a return man, which would open it up for four receivers to battle for two spots. If I had to guess, Bell and Hall have the upper hand heading into the game.

With former Bears Cornerback Tim Jennings hanging around the Bucs facility lately, players like Isaiah Frey and Brandon Dixon need to show they're worth keeping around. The backup pass rushers will be on display to see if they can provide any sort of consistent pass rush.

Needless-to-say, this game has significant meaning for specific players on the Bucs roster.

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