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Each week during the college football season, we will discuss some of the college prospects who have good matchups to watch.

With NFL Draft coverage becoming more and more a year round thing, the Scout team has you covered. As fans across the nation begin to tune in to the opening games tonight there are some players to keep an eye on as Buccaneer fans both tonight and throughout this weekend.

North Carolina @ South Carolina, September 3rd on ESPN

Landon Turner, Offensive Guard, North Carolina

Landon Turner is a redshirt Senior standing 6’3” and weighing in at 325 lbs. Turner is the interior anchor for the UNC offensive line. What can you expect to see from Turner tonight and look for throughout this season?

·         Plus run blocker. Turner will get into his blocks and push the line to help create running lanes.

·         Turner has slightly better than average footwork and does a solid job protecting against the pass

·         When beat, Turner shows the awareness and willingness to stay with the play and push the defender past the pocket, finishing each snap.

·         Look for Turner’s improved technique and ability to adjust mid-play against counter moves. Turner is far from a finished product and needs to tune up some of the finer points of his game to make a big jump leading into the 2016 draft.

Current draft outlook: Day 2 Selection

Brandon Shell, Offensive Tackle, South Carolina

Brandon Shell is a redshirt Senior standing 6’5” and weighing in at 327 lbs. Some may recognize the last name and for good reason, Brandon is the nephew of NFL Hall of Famer Art Shell. Brandon Shell has started every game for the last two seasons and has started 36 of 39 overall games.  What to look for out of Shell:

·         Good length and build

·         Above average athlete for his size and thanks to this, should remain on the outside at the next level

·         Showed ability to mirror and anchor against edge defenders

·         Off-Season surgery to repair a labrum but is healthy and expected to continue his consecutive start streak thanks to an early surgery.

·         Look to see how well the surgically repaired shoulder holds up when jabbing at defenders and keeping them at bay

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Oklahoma State @ Central Michigan, September 3rd on ESPU

Emmanuel Ogbah, Defensive End, Oklahoma State

Ogbah is a redshirt junior standing in at 6’4” and weighing in at 275 lbs. What to expect:

·         Ogbah has a very strong and stout build

·         Shows versatility in lining up along the defensive front

·         Ogbah shows the ability to work against the double team and push the pocket

·         Showed promising improvement as a redshirt sophomore as a pass rusher

·         Needs to improve reaction time against off the ball snap

·         Still learning and ascending

Current draft outlook: Day 1 Selection

Ramadan Ahmeti, Offensive Tackle, Central Michigan

Ahmeti enters the season as one of the top ALL-MAC conference tackles. Ahmeti stands in at 6’6” and weighing in at 298 lbs. What to look for:

·         Premier matchup week 1 against Emmanuel Ogbah and will later face another top tier edge defender in Shilque Calhoun out of Michigan State.

·         Long lean frame

·         23 career starts

·         Ahmeti will need to improve his overall game tremendously in order to climb the draft ranks and it starts with his premier matchups this season

·         Look for Ahmeti to work day one on improving his snap to snap success rates against the pass rushers. Ahmeti gets an opportunity to face two potential NFL caliber talents this season and needs to put together good tape from those opportunities.

Current draft outlook: UDFA


Florida International @ Central Florida, September 3rd on CBS Sports Network

William Stanback, Running Back, Central Florida

Stanback is a junior and stands at 6’0” and weighs in at 225 lbs. Stanback will be heavily relied on in the Central Florida offense this season.  What to expect:

·         Big powerful back with the build to back up his style of running

·         Workhorse, will carry the offense on his shoulders this season

·         Top back in the conference

·         Look for Stanback to improve on his field vision and patience in 2015

·         Stanback needs to show better awareness on when to hit the hole and hit it hard without hesitation this season

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection

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