Podcast: Go Time for Bucs and Jameis Winston

In this podcast, we breakdown the matchup with the Titans, give bold predictions, and predict the final record for the Bucs.

After a long training camp and preseason the regular season is finally upon us. As is typical of any team coming off a 2-14 season, the Bucs aren't getting much respect locally or nationally, nor should they. Respect must be earned, especially in the NFL. With a team full of youth and growing talent, Bucs fans wonder if 2015 is the year their favorite team earns that respect.

In this podcast this week, I discuss the matchup with the Tennessee Titans. I dive into different areas to exploit what was a weak Titans defense in 2014, and I go into detail on how the Bucs defense should attack Marcus Mariota and defend their home turf. I didn't want to be cliche and call the first game of the season a "must win," but it is a very very important game.

I also reveal my bold prediction along with my record prediction for 2015. I do think you'll find both rather surprising. As is with any prediction, it is predicated on health to key members of the team remaining in tact. If the Bucs can stay relatively healthy, I believe my predictions can be achieved. Oh, and my bold prediction revolves around Jameis Winston!

I close out the podcast by answering Bucs fans' questions to me on twitter and by replaying a classic clip from my old radio show called "Fan Interference." If you ever have a question you would like answered on the podcast, just tweet at me @CommishOnline and use the hashtag #CommishQuestion.

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