Podcast: Bucs Coach Lovie Smith's Heading Towards the Hot Seat

If you thought you were upset after the Bucs 42-14 loss to the Titans, you should listen to what Justin Pawlowski had to say.

I woke up Sunday morning like most NFL fans around the nation. My team was 0-0, and this was the year where my team started to put it together and rise back up the ranks in the NFL. It's the start of the regular season and optimism is always at its peak this time of year. 

Less than 12 hours later most Bucs fans that were inside Raymond James Stadium were looking around at each other, wondering if this would be the last time they'd be in that stadium this year. The Bucs finally got a sell out, and it was a sell out with a small amount of fans being Titans fans. That means that the Bucs had a prime opportunity to reconnect with fans who possibly gave up on them a long time ago.

Jameis Winston looked like a rookie. Anyone who was expecting more, probably needed to check themselves before the game. Winston's play today is likely what you'll get most of the 2015 season. He had some nice passes and some God awful passes. He also did not get help from his playcalling and coaching staff either. In the end, Jameis Winston was far from the worst part in this game for the Bucs.

Lovie Smith took over the defensive playcalling on defense this year. This is officially HIS defense. Well, HIS defense was a joke. Sure, Marcus Mariota had to make the passes, but when receivers are running WIDE OPEN all day, which rarely happens in the NFL, it's tough to screw that up. 

Enough reading, click the podcast to hear my true thoughts. BEWARE, this podcast is NSFW.

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