Lovie Smith Heaps Praise on What his Pass Rush Did during Passing Downs in Sunday's Loss to the Titans

Lovie Smith heaps praise on what his pass rush did during passing downs in Sunday's loss to the Titans. Justin Pawlowski has some strong words for the coach.

There's no sugar-coating it, the Bucs pass rush was non-existent on Sunday. You know that. I know that. The Bucs did get two sacks on the day, but those were also the only two quarterback hits, and likely the only two quarterback hurries on the day as well.

While it was fairly obvious to most how much the Bucs pass rush struggled on Sunday, don't tell Lovie Smith that.

"On first and second down, when it is a run [or] pass situation, it’s hard to get a lot of pressure then. When there are play action fakes and the run, that’s what we were dealing with," Lovie Smith said of his pass rush at his Monday press conference. "When we got them in a true passing situation we had success."

Either Lovie Smith is delusional or he truly believes that he can dupe everyone else that watched the exact same game as he did. 

The combination of no pass rush and soft zone led to the Bucs demise on Sunday. Oh, did I say soft zone? Lovie believes Mariota was throwing into "tight windows."

“There were some breakdowns," Lovie said of his defense. "We had a few breakdowns, but some of them, there were tight throws on his part too."

Tight throws? I just went back and watched each of Mariota's 4 touchdowns. The touchdown pass to Kendall Wright wasn't a "tight throw." The touchdown pass to Bishop Sankey was not a "tight throw." The touchdown pass to Delanie Walker was not a "tight throw." the touchdown pass to Harry Douglas was not a "tight throw." All 4 of Mariota's touchdown passes came against a soft passive zone defense. 

Lovie Smith might believe the fans and the media are dumb, but I assure you, we aren't.

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