Lovie Smith Says He Tried To Play as Many Players as Possible in Bucs Loss

Lovie Smith says that he tried to play as many players as he could in Sunday's loss to the Titans.

The excitement had been building as the preseason had finally come to an end along with the evaluation, and we could finally focus on the real roster and the regular season...or so we though.

It may have been a result of the horrifically unbalanced outcome in Sunday's loss to the Titans,  but the Bucs played 44 different players in that game. Only two players, Mike Glennon and Jeremiah Warren, did not see the field. Lovie Smith said on Monday that this was part of their plan.

"We wanted to play as many guys as possible," Lovie Smith said when asked about the playing time Tim Jennings and DJ Swearinger received after not starting the game.

To me, this is alarming. We have entered the regular season, but the Bucs are still trying to "play as many guys as possible?" Isn't that what the preseason is for?

As a Bucs fan myself, I feel I speak for many Bucs fans when I say enough is enough. The Bucs, as an organization, have been rebuilding ever since they fired Jon Gruden. It didn't work with Raheem Morris, it didn't work with Greg Schiano, and it's not working with Lovie Smith. To add insult to injury, the Falcons were a team down in the dumps the last couple years, but a new coaching staff comes in and quickly takes them to an opening day win against the high flying Eagles. Why does it take Lovie Smith more than a season to get HIS defense and HIS guys in place, but it only took Dan Quinn a few months?

Hopefully, the next coach the Bucs hire will be the right one because, right now, it doesn't appear as if Lovie Smith is the guy to turn things around.

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