Drew Brees Presents a Tougher Test for Bucs Soft Defense

While the Bucs defense struggled mightily at home against a rookie quarterback last week, they're now on the road for the Saints home opener against Drew Brees.

We all knew the Bucs offense would likely struggle some with so many young players on that side of the ball. What we didn't know was that the Bucs defense would end up looking 100 times worse than the Bucs offense did in the first game of the season. In that first game, the Bucs defense was soft and weak-minded, two aspects that they can't be against the Saints.

“Typically good defenses have certain things they want to do and do well," Saints coach Sean Payton said on Wednesday. "The key offensively is quickly understanding the defense, how to handle the force patterns, how to handle the movement."

The Saints are 6-1 in the last seven years of home openers, outscoring their opponents 156-95 in their six wins. 

A milestone could will likely be hit on Sunday as Drew Brees needs three touchdown passes to reach 400 for his career.  Despite the liklihood of this achievement being made this weekend against an awful Bucs defense, Drew Brees remains focused on one thing...winning.

“Let’s get there first," Brees said. "Let’s not speculate what I’m going to feel like when it happens. [I’m] just focused on winning the football game. All that stuff kind of takes care of itself. All those stats and everything else, they kind of pile up as you go along, but the most important thing is finding a way to win the football game. If you can knock down some milestones in the process then that’s pretty cool too.”

The Bucs stare down that steep mountain of achieving their first win on sundat at 1:00 inside the Superdome.

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