Bucs Lack True Leaders

The Buccaneers most glaring need after one game seems to be leadership.

After watching the Bucs defense get torched twice in 2014 to the Falcons and Ravens, I found myself questioning the leadership on the team, and especially on the defensive side of the ball. How could true leaders allow their defense to get torched the way the Bucs did in both of those games?

I guess I bought in to the hype of a new season. I also bought into the excuse that the players were still learning their roles within the defense. My...bad!

"Being the leader of the defense, it was embarrassing," Gerald McCoy said. "It has to be better. We are playing a [quarterback] – I believe – is a first ballot Hall of Famer this week, so we have to be better.”

For more on the Bucs "leader" on defense, check out this video of Gerald McCoy mic'ed up during the 42-14 loss to the Titans. Sheesh!

If you think that's bad from your "leader," your other leader blamed the first play, a penalty, as the reason the entire defense collapsed for the other 59:47 of the game on Sunday.

“We played a little passive after that first play,” David said (via JBF). “I think after that penalty, kinda like killed our momentum. Because we wanted to come out and be physical, and that was the statement of the game there. Major coming out being physical. After that happened he got the flag, ‘We were like, oh, man. We can’t, you know, come out and do what we wanted to do.’

“We kind of let that get to us a little bit. We can’t let that affect us, you know. Every time we’re on the field, we gotta be the most dominating, be the most physical. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.”

To think that the Bucs defense is so mentally weak that they crumpled over a penalty call on the first play of the season. Could you imagine if something bad happened at more of a crucial moment? I guess, when the going gets tough, quit!

The Bucs defense may be better this week. It could happen. They might even be better next week too, but it's only a matter of time before another blowout comes to the Bucs defense with the lack of leadership they have.

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