Bucs Offense Faces Tough Test vs. Saints' Dome Noise

The Bucs offense is not only dealing with an aggressive Saints defense this week, but they'll be dealing with loud noise for the Saints home opener.

“[The] next two weeks we are playing at two of the loudest places at the NFL – the Superdome and then going to Houston the following week. You practice that stuff during training camp. We did need to work on it a little bit, Minnesota in the preseason was our loudest. The Miami game was not loud at all. That’s [the] number one thing on our board today of things we must do to be successful in this game is to handle the noise. Jameis has played in big games in big stadiums before, so he’s experienced that. The first two, right out the gate, being in dome stadiums that is going to be a challenge and something we’ll be addressing this week.”

-Lovie Smith

“We played in Death Valley, which is arguably one of the loudest stadiums in college football. So that was a good noise [test]. But in the end of the day, we don’t play against the noise. We play with each other. We do a lot of things at practice to kind of prep us for the noise.”

-Jameis Winston

“It’s a division game, we play the Saints twice every year. Everyone’s excited to play the division games. It’s going to get loud and you can’t practice in front of the crowd noise – it’s going to be a fun one.”

-Doug Martin

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