Bucs Focused on JJ Watt

A majority of the Bucs focus and chatter this week has been about JJ Watt.

Here is just a sampling of what the Bucs players and coaches have said about JJ Watt this week:

“There’s a lot of focus on it, rightfully so, but you can say, ‘Hey, he is just another player, let’s do our thing.’ No, it doesn’t work like that. You have to put a lot of the focus on him and when you’re that type of football play you have to do what you can to limit the opportunities that he gets and that’s tough duty. Easier said than done. I don’t think there is too much focus being placed on it. I just think that there are few good defensive football players, no players in general, but just defensive us talking defense. There’s more good defensive linemen on the field this week. For people that like defensive ball you should like seeing a lot of those guys out there this week.” -Lovie Smith

"He’s an elite player. He’s at the top of his game. I’m not going to throw out any more than you already know about him. He’s an excellent player and we’re well aware that we need to game plan for him.” - Dirk Koetter

“I mean, just like last week, getting to play against Drew Brees, and even Mark Ingram – growing up a kid from Alabama, seeing him win a Heisman Trophy there – it’s amazing as a true football fan to play against the best players in the game, or the best players that I’ve seen since I’ve been growing up." -Jameis Winston

“Oh, yeah. You’ve got to watch him. He’s one of the best defensive – arguably the best –  defensive lineman in the game. He’s very talented and just being able to see what he does on film, I watch him a lot.” -Jacquies Smith

“He’s done something that you haven’t seen in this league with first person to have 20 sacks twice, four years [in the league] and been the Defensive Player of the Year twice. You can’t help but have respect for a guy like that. You just respect him and let him be him. He’s a great player.” -Gerald McCoy

“Again, guys, you talk about J.J. Watt, you name it, we’ve done it. We’ve looked at every possible way to deal with a special player. I’ll just say that.” -Lovie Smith

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