Buccaneer Magazine Week 1 Picks

September 7 – The preseason is over and the regular season is finally here. That means it's time for Buccaneer Magazine staffers Scott Reynolds, Leo Haggerty, Jim Flynn, Sandy Penner, Greg Gargula and Steve Himes to give their Week 1 predictions.

Buccaneer Magazine Staff Standings

Jim Flynn 0-0

Greg Gargula 0-0

Steve Himes 0-0

Leo Haggerty 0-0

Sandy Penner 0-0

Scott Reynolds 0-0

Raiders at Chiefs

Raiders- Gargula, Haggerty, Penner and Reynolds

Chiefs – Flynn and Himes

Panthers at Vikings

(All Six Pick Vikings)

Colts at Jets

Colts – Gargula, Haggerty and Himes

Jets – Flynn, Penner and Reynolds

Steelers at Jaguars

(All Six Pick Jaguars)

Bears at Ravens

(All Six Pick Ravens)

Saints at Bills

Saints – Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner and Reynolds

Bills – Haggerty

Patriots at Bengals

(All Six Pick Bengals)

Seahawks at Browns

Seahawks – Flynn, Haggerty, Himes and Reynolds

Browns - Gargula and Penner

Buccaneers at Cowboys

(All Six Pick Buccaneers)

Lions at Packers

(All Six Select Packers)

Rams at Eagles

Rams – Flynn, Gargula, Himes, Penner and Reynolds

Eagles – Haggerty

Falcons at 49ers

Falcons – Flynn, Haggerty and Himes

49ers – Gargula, Penner and Reynolds

Redskins at Chargers

Redskins – Gargula, Haggerty and Himes

Chargers – Flynn, Penner and Reynolds

Dolphins at Titans

(All Six Pick Titans)

Giants at Broncos

(All Six Pick Broncos)

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