Should Lovie Smith Be on a Hot Seat?

Should Lovie Smith be on a hot seat?

Well here we are at the conclusion Week 3 for the Buccaneers as they now sit at 1-2 after losing a very winnable game in Houston and the knee-jerk reaction once again from many is to fire head coach Lovie Smith. But would that be a good thing?

Social media is sounding off. Fans are convinced that Lovie does not belong on the sidelines. While that holds true to an extent, it's actually not as smart as many think.

The Bucs were destroyed in Week 1 at home against the Titans. That left a bad taste in the mouths of everyone within and around the team -- fans, coaches, etc. Week 2, Tampa Bay was victorious against the lowly New Orleans Saints. Although they shot themselves in the foot often, the Buccaneers took advantage and that's the first step for becoming a good football team.

However, they took a step back on Sunday. The lack of execution was evident. From dropped passes to missing tackles in the run game, you name it, the Bucs featured it. Some will say that is the fault of the player. Others blame that on the staff not preparing the team. Another crowd just blames Lovie Smith.

This may sound crazy, but Lovie Smith wasn't on the field Sunday. Lavonte David, Gerald McCoy, Logan Mankins -- those guys were on the field. Those guys didn't do enough to help the team win. Mike Evans, at some point has to stop asking for a flag after nearly every incompletion. Especially when he is the one getting flagged and dropping passes.

Alfred Blue was a stud. Ryan Mallett was efficient. Things like that only happens to the Bucs, no matter who the coach is.

Removing Smith from the picture will only result in more turnover, more time to get back to winning again. Yes I know, the argument of continuing to lose under Lovie Smith is also valid. But you can't continue to flip coaches.

Lots of these players were brought in by Smith. But it's time to ask the players to play. Something they hasn't done in years -- under Raheem Morris, under Greg Schiano, and not under Lovie.

This is a collective failure. Not a failure due to one name.

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