Is It Time to Get the Paper Bags Ready, Again?

The Bucs face a tough matchup against the Panthers. A poor performance by the Bucs could lead to Bucs fans turning on the home team.

Here we are. Week 4 of the NFL season and the Buccaneers sit at 1-2. Is there a chance they even their record? Absolutely. Technically they have a 50-50 chance. But will they?

Not to be a pessimist, but the Buccaneers are on track to fall to 1-3. After dropping a very winnable game last week in Houston, it almost feels like this team will never win again. More specifically, this Lovie Smith-led team.

I know. How can I say that after writing earlier this week that it’s not all Lovie Smith’s fault? Well it’s not. However, I am also realistic and after watching last week’s game several different times it’s evident some decisions -- if not many -- make you scratch your head.

For example, the rotating of defensive linemen in Houston like they did against Tennessee in Week 1. It wasn’t as heavy, but when the starters played the majority of the game in Week 2, they won and played well. Imagine that.

Also, getting away from Doug Martin when the game is within reach. I am not sure I quite understand that concept. Neither do many others. Especially when Martin is doing well.

It’s hard to pen the Bucs’ season as being over just four weeks in. The season is young so that’s a valid argument. It’s just hard watching players consistently out of position or captains like linebacker Lavonte David missing tackles and offensive guard Logan Mankins committing penalties consistently. The team will say all that is being addressed but every week it’s the same song and dance.

Look, I know that it appears Lovie is beginning to turn over a new leaf. He is coming around to playing his best players -- which isn’t saying much, sadly. Rookie Ali Marpet starting at right guard heading into the season, a rookie linebacker in Kwon Alexander quarterbacking the defense, the demotion of Alterraun Verner, etc. The man deserves credit for getting over what many have called stubbornness.

But it could be too little too late as fans are fed up. They are tired of losing. So this afternoon, if/when they come away with yet another loss, Bucs fans, bust out those brown paper bags and put them over your heads. This ship is continuing to sink.

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