Josh Freeman Struggles Mightily in FXFL Debut

The free fall of Josh Freeman continues to in the FXFL.

For some unknown reason, former Bucs 1st round pick, Josh Freeman believes he can make a triumphant return to the NFL. After failing to make it to the Dolphins final roster out of the preseason, Freeman is now a member of the Brooklyn Bolts of the FXFL.

Honestly, I didn't even know what the FXFL was until now. 

On Friday night, Freeman made his debut in the Fall Experimental Football League, a league consisting of just three teams. Facing the Florida Blacktips, a team who will not play a home game this season, and a team with just two players with NFL experience. Freeman's debut was a disaster.

According to Tim Casey of the New York Times, Freeman looked confused for most of the evening and had issues battling the weather. Freeman ended 9-16 for 32 yards, a touchdown, an interception, and he FUMBLED FIVE TIMES in the game!

“I just wanted to keep playing football in any capacity and continue to stay sharp,” Freeman said Thursday in a telephone interview. “Stepping in the huddle and calling plays and that whole procedure and process, maintaining my routine that comes along with being in season, I think it gives me a better shot to perform at my highest level if a team does call me up.”


Freeman's days in the NFL are over, and his days playing any type of football might be coming to an end as well.  The funniest part is that there are still some fans, and radio hosts, who probably still think he should be on the Bucs roster.

“Being on the free-agent wheel and playing for different teams, I’ve definitely learned a lot,” Freeman said. “Professionally, it’s been less than what I would have hoped for, but all in all, I’m happy where I am. I’m hoping to continue to get better and get another opportunity.”

He can hope, can't he?

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