Bucs Searching for a New Kicker

The Buccaneers have released kicker Kyle Brindza and are now on a crusade to find their next kicker. Five kickers will privately workout for the Bucs on Tuesday.

It was no surprise when the Buccaneers announced on Monday that they had released kicker Kyle Brindza. After missing a handful of field goals and a couple extra points over the past couple of games, the move was inevitable.

“Absolutely not, he deserved another shot," Lovie Smith responded on Monday when asked if the Bucs should have made a move at kicker last week. "I don’t think you move on from a player based on one performance. But when you see it becoming a trend, going a certain way, then you have to react to it and that was the case. Kyle has a strong leg, but in our league points are valuable. You can’t miss five out of seven field goals, two extra points, whatever it was. We just can’t afford to be in that position anymore, so I feel like we saw something we didn’t like two weeks ago and yesterday’s game told us the direction we needed to go.”

It has been reported that the Bucs will bring in multiple kickers for private workouts on Tuesday. The names of those players can be heard in the video above.

As for what the Bucs are looking for in a kicker, Lovie Smith responds:

“We went with the big leg that could also put it through. As we look for our next kicker, first it’s about being able to hit field goals and extra points. Yes, we would also for him to put it out of the end zone on kickoffs, but we just aren’t looking for a kickoff guy. We’re looking for a guy that can hit field goals and be accurate with it first. First priority is that.”

We should have the name of the Bucs new kicker by the end of Tuesday or some time on Wednesday.

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