Was Dirk Koetter's Apology Necessary?

Diurk Koetter apologized to the Bucs defense on Wednesday, but was that necessary?

There were many things wrong last sunday when the Buccaneers lost to the Carolina Panthers: Interceptions, missed tackles, lack of forcing turnovers, etc. Some were even pointing fingers to members of the coaching staff and rightfully so. One of them being offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.                                          

There were calls that left many scratching their heads and passing routes that did not favor rookie quarterback Jameis Winston. But there were also issues downfield with receivers not breaking routes properly or getting open. Oh yes, and of course, the 21-year-old signal caller making bad reads.

Regardless, Koetter has felt sorry for his unit’s performance.

I feel like I should apologize to our defense after last week,” Koetter said when asked about his offense putting the defense in tough positions.

However, the things is, should he really apologize? Should the offense really be 100 percent to blame here?

It’s a total team effort and the defense is 28th in the league as their red zone defense does nothing but give up touchdowns, allowing six points in over 70 percent of attempts. In Lovie Smith’s second year. Who’s No. 1? The New York Jets with new head coach Todd Bowles.

So who is really to blame? Sure Koetter can feel sorry but it’s not on him. It starts at top and works his way down. Perhaps the defense should give more opportunities to Koetter and his offense.


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