Bucs Strategy vs. Jaguars Offense

The Jaguars offense is young and talented, so what should the Bucs defensive strategy be?

Lovie Smith:

(On Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles)
“Of course we didn’t watch an awful lot of him last year. I just know from a little bit we did [watch], he had a lot of upside, a lot of talent, good strong arm, make all the throws. As we see him right now, he looks like a good NFL quarterback that can make all throws, making good decision for the most part. He’s still young, second-year guy. [He still has] a lot to learn, but he has really shown mobility in the pocket to scramble around to buy a little bit of time to make the throws. [I’ve] been very impressed  with what he’s done. He’s a good player.”

(On Jacksonville rookie running back T.J. Yeldon)
“I think probably the one position where a guy can come in and really be pretty much what he was in college is at the running back position. That’s what we’ve seen from Yeldon. He can make you miss in the open field. He’s run well between the tackles. He has decent size, catches the ball. He’s doing some of the same things in the NFL that he did in college. We’ll have to be on top of our gaps, gap-sound to try to keep that running game down.”

Leslie Frazier:

(On Jacksonville rookie running back T.J. Yeldon)
“He had a big game last week. He carried the ball and did a good job of making people miss. He showed some power, too, to be able to run through some tackles. We saw that when he was in college and now he is displaying it here at our level as well. He has a chance to be a very good back in our league. He’s a good blocker also. They leave him in for protection. He does a good job there. He has the ability to catch the ball, he can run the ball well and he’s a good blocker. Those are three ingredients in a back that you would like to have and he’s displayed that in his short time in the league.”


(On if defensive end William Gholston’s performance against Carolina justified the decision to make him the starter)
“I think so. He did a good job. Some of the things he did were things we had seen him practice. He’s played with a great deal of intensity throughout. [He] had a great training camp for us and he’s been coming all along. He got in that game and he was a disrupter at the defensive end position. There wasn’t a tight end that got any movement on him at the line of scrimmage and he was able to get a couple of pressures too on the quarterback. I think he justified our decision to start him in that ball game.”

(On his impressions of Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles)
“Just watching his tape now and just remembering our first preseason game a year ago, you would expect him to make a jump, but he has come quite far in his second year, which you would expect him to. He should just get better and better. He’s a strong-arm quarterback who is pretty accurate with the football. The one thing that kind of stands out is his mobility. He’s more mobile than [most] probably thought. We have to have a handle on that when we play him on Sunday. He has all the tools to be a very good quarterback in our league for a long time. Hopefully we can contain him and not let him get going on Sunday.”   

Gerald McCoy:

 (On Jacksonville’s interior offensive linemen)
“They’ve got a vet in [Zane] Beadles and a rookie guard [A.J. Cann], I think he held his own last week in Indy. I honestly think he was on the left side, I believe, before they moved him into right guard. To play like he did – no penalties – I think he played pretty well. The center [Stefan Wisniewski], we brought him in here on a visit, so obviously he’s got some skill to him. He’s a vet. I think that those three guys in the middle, they can do a good job for Bortles, that gives him a lot of time, being a big guy, [that] makes it a lot easier on him.”

(On Jacksonville running back T.J. Yeldon)
“He looked like a smaller version of Le’Veon Bell to me. Has a little power to him, but he can make you miss. You can be standing right in front of him and you’ll miss. Still a little raw though, got a lot to learn, but he’s a good back.”

(On Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles)
“He’s grown up a lot. He definitely is comfortable. He’s one of those ‘run-pass option’ guys. He would rather throw first, but I think last week, he had like 47 [rushing] yards, something like that. And that was with a hurt ankle. We’ve got to keep him in the pocket. He’s a big guy, not easy to bring down. If we rush him the right way, I think we can have a big day.”

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