Bucs Defense Regressing?

The Bucs might have won against the Jaguars, but the defense was torched again by a mediocre quarterback.

I know many folks around Tampa are not used to wins, especially home wins, but it wasn't all good for the Bucs on Sunday.

While the offense was dominating the Jaguars defense, the Bucs defense was getting torched by another mediocre quarterback.

Blake Bortles threw for more than 300 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Bucs on Sunday. The Bucs defense has now given up 12 touchdown passes in just 5 games this season to the likes of Marcus Mariota, an injured Drew Brees, Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton, and now Bortles.

Bortles was 23-33 on his pass attempts, but even on 10 incompletions, he had receivers running wide open that he just didn't see. As a matter of fact, Jaguars receivers were running free all day long against the Bucs defense. 

I'm sure the Bucs were proud of their statistical ranking of 9th in total yards allowed this season last week, but anyone that can see will tell you that the Bucs are far from a top 10 defense. They've yet to face offenses like the Falcons, Giants, a healthy Cowboys, or Colts offense, all of which are on the horizon for the Bucs after the bye week.

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