Jameis Winston Goes Turnover Free vs. Jaguars

Jameis Winston had a drastic turnaround in the turnover department this week.

It was much more than just Jameis Winston who contributed to a turnover-free Sunday for the Bucs offense at Raymond James Stadium. With that said, a large amount of the praise should be in the direction of Winston, who did not make the bad decision within the game and committed himself to doing just that last week.

"Of course Jameis is an outstanding player," Lovie Smith said after Sunday's win. "We realize this past week that you can’t win football games unless you protect the ball. It’s about ball security on the offensive side. Jameis and the rest of our crew did that. Good job by the offensive coaches, but even better job with the execution by our team.”

Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter called an excellent game that utilized the running backs in much more than just the run game. Jameis Winston was given proper check downs and allowed to play a confident and safe offensive game. Because of this, Jameis Winston thrived on Sunday.

“Well, like I say week after week, Coach Koetter is one of the best offensive coordinators," Winston said. "He always puts this team in a great situation, and it’s my job to take care of the ball. I made a lot of very simple decisions today and the running game was amazing, so when I’m making the right decision and not turning the ball over you see how productive our offense can be.”

The Bucs offensive line and running backs were outstanding as well, which allowed Jameis Winston to manage the offense and put together scoring drives. 

I know he'll continue to take criticism for any mistake he makes moving forward, but Jameis Winston is right on track for me to becoming a great NFL quarterback and raising this Buccaneers franchise from the depths they've dug themselves into.

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