State of the Bucs: Quarterbacks

As the Bucs hit the bye week, we take a deeper look at each position through 5 games this season.

The Buccaneers have their bye week this week, so we thought this would be an ideal time to fully evaluate the Bucs current roster after 5 games. We will discuss each player at each position at length and provide you positives and negatives with their play through 5 games this season.


Jameis Winston

Positives: Jameis Winston has shown the flashes of the type of quarterback he will become. In games against the Saints, Texans, and Jaguars, Winston managed the offense while displaying the outstanding natural talent he has. As he gets more comfortable and things start to slow down for him, expect to see Winston make more and more big plays with his arm. For right now, he's at the infant stage of what could be an excellent NFL career.

Negatives: This one's a given. Turnovers have been Jameis Winston's, and more rookie QB's, biggest Achilles heel. Turnovers are bound to happen with a rookie quarterback who likes to take chances. Jameis Winston must continue to learn from his mistakes if he's going to become a great NFL quarterback.

Future: Despite the people ready to attack Winston at any flaw he shows, I'm still a believer that Winston turns into a great NFL quarterback. He must continue to work hard and learn each week, but all the signs are there that he will do that. I think some people forget that he's just 21 years old.


Mike Glennon

Positives: Well, the positive is that Glennon has not had to play yet. I still think Glennon is destined to be a great backup quarterback, but he will get a shot to start for a team again before he settles into that role.

Negatives: The only negative I take with Glennon has nothing to do with his play on the field this year. With so many starting quarterbacks injured through the first few weeks of this season, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to gain an additional draft pick in 2016 by trading Glennon, especially with Ryan Griffin on the roster.

Future: Glennon's fate as a starting quarterback for the Bucs was sealed when the team drafted Jameis Winston. Glennon's fate as the Bucs' long-term backup quarterback was likely sealed when the team claimed Ryan Griffin off of waivers from the New Orleans Saints. If he isn't traded before the trade deadline, I think this off-season is when Glennon ultimately gets moved. I just don't understand the need to keep three quarterbacks on the roster.

Ryan Griffin

Positives:  Incomplete

Negatives: Incomplete

Future: Like Glennon, I think Griffin is destined to be a very good backup quarterback for his NFL career, and that's not a bad thing. Griffin is currently the Bucs 3rd string quarterback as he continues to learn the offense.

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