State of the Bucs: Defensive Backs

As the Bucs hit the bye week, we take a deeper look at each position through 5 games this season.

The Buccaneers have their bye week this week, so we thought this would be an ideal time to fully evaluate the Bucs current roster after 5 games. We will discuss each player at each position at length and provide you positives and negatives with their play through 5 games this season.

Defensive Backs:

Tim Jennings

Positives: Um, he knows Lovie's defense?

Negatives: Toast on every play. Hey, maybe there's a reason all these old Bears players were released!

Future: I doubt Jennings is around next year.

Mike Jenkins

Positives: He played at USF. Honestly, I've heard the Bucs really like him in press man coverage...that is not a joke.

Negatives: Everything else!

Future: He's a Lovie favorite. Remember, he was slated to start over Johnthan Banks at the beginning of last season.

Alterraun Verner

Positives: Solid player who has made a nice transition to slot corner.

Negatives: He did get beat on the outside for big plays more often than people remember.

Future: With his salary nearing $7 million, it's highly unlikely Verner returns to the Bucs next year. With no guaranteed money left, the Bucs can cut Verner and have zero dead money from it.

Johnthan Banks

Positives: Young corner with good size whom I think is getting better with more experience.

Negatives: Durability issues have kept him off the field. He is also succeptable to big plays.

Future: If he can stay healthy, Banks should be a regular in the Bucs defense.

Sterling Moore

Positives:  I'm still trying to figure out something positive Sterling Moore has brought to the Bucs.

Negatives: He was replaced at slot corner by Alterraun Verner.

Future: Moore signed a 1-year deal and will likely be gone after this season...if he makes it that long.

Bradley McDougald

Positives: I thought the game Bradley McDougald had against Greg Olsen shows how much he has improved overall.

Negatives: There are still breakdowns in the secondary that lead to big plays. So far, he's been the only constant at safety.

Future: McDougald is a mainstay with the Bucs defense for the next several years.

Major Wright

Positives: Hey, remember that big hit to start the season? You know, the one that got the flag? Yeah, that was Major Wright!

Negatives: Wright struggles in coverage at times that leads to big plays.

Future: It seems as if Major Wright is the best of the other safeties, which means the Bucs may keep him around after this season.

DJ Swearinger

Positives: Swearinger is a big hitter and flashed at times in a couple games.

Negatives: Swearinger struggles in coverage, which I believe is a big reason he has not gotten much playing time.

Future: I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs are taking a developmnental approach with Swearinger. With his talent, if he learns his role, he could be successful.

Chris Conte

Positives: He knows Lovie's defense.

Negatives: Conte struggles with durability and has a knack for giving up big plays.

Future: Who knows? He's a Lovie guy.

Keith Tandy

Positives: Tandy has a knack for being around the football, which is always a good thing for a safety.

Negatives: He is not a complete player yet and is still developing.

Future: I'm actually a fan of Tandy, but he doesn't get much playing time. I think he sticks around because of his ability on special teams.

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