Top 5 Bucs Players to Watch After the Bye

With the bye week now behind us, here are five Bucs players to watch the rest of the season.

1. Charles Sims - RB
What to Watch For: Yes, Doug Martin has been excellent through the first 5 games of this season, but the reality is that he is in a contract year, and no one knows what he'll be asking for. On a side note, Charles Sims has looked pretty good running the ball as well this season. The Bucs need to figure out if Sims can carry a full load in case Doug Martin overprices himself once the season ends.

2. William Gholston - DE/DT
What to Watch For: Gholston has entered the starting lineup at left defensive end. Now, we need to see if he can continue to develop his pass rushing skills to become an all-around player. The development he has shown through the first few years of his NFL career has been encouraging.

3. Kevin Pamphile - OL
What to Watch For: Lovie Smith, Jason Licht, and others were disappointed they didn't get Kevin Pamphile more game experience during the dismal 2014 season. Pamphile filled in nicely for Logan Mankins against the Jaguars, and quite frankly, I'd like to see him a little more at left guard to see if that's where his true future is. Get this man more playing time!

4. Donteea Dye - WR
What to Watch For: The Bucs have a lot of young talent on offense, but lack speed and homerun hitters. Dye possesses rare talent to be that kind of player, but needs time to develop. Will the Bucs give him that time though?

5. Howard Jones - DE
What to Watch For: It was tough watching Ryan Delaire get 2 sacks against the Bucs when he was with the team during the preseaosn. The good news is that the Bucs may have made up for it by snagging Jones off the Steelers practice squad. Jones got 2 sacks on Bortles in the Bucs' last game, and showed a lot of the same characteristics Jacquies Smith showed a year ago.

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