Star Wars: Siege the Force

With all of the excitement swirling around the new Star Wars trailer released Monday night, we compare classic Star Wars characters with players on the Bucs roster.

No, this might not be an epic breakdown of the upcoming Bucs-Redskins matchup, but it will still be epic!

Riding the excitement over the release of the new Star Wars trailer on Monday night, I present to you:

Star Wars: Siege the Force

Staring Bucs players as Star Wars characters:

Luke Skywaler - played by Jameis Winston
Casting Comments: Hello, the "New Hope." Seems pretty obvious to me.

Admiral Ackbar - played by Lovie Smith
Casting Comments: Ahh yes, the leader of the rebel force who leads his troops into a "trap." Sound familiar?

Boba Fett - played by Kwon Alexander
Castin Comments: Alexander flies around and attacks. A perfect match for the intergalactic bounty hunter.

Han Solo - played by Dirk Koetter
Casting Comments: Luke Skywalker (Jameis Winston) needs to be able to lean on a trusted friend. Who better to rely on than his offensive coordinator?

Chewbacca - played by Austin Seferian-Jenkins
Casting Comments: Chewbacca is Han Solo's best pal and right hand man. Dirk Koetter loves his tight ends, doesn't he?

Anakin Skywalker - played by Kyle Brindza
Casting Comments: Important role that went to an unproven commodity instead of playing it safe with a recognizable name.

Jar Jar Binks - played by Gerald McCoy
Casting Comments: Jar Jar Binks is a nice character who tries to make everyone happy, yet he adds absolutely nothing in terms of drama or intensity to the movie. He'll shoot members of the Trade Federation, but doesn't mean to do too much harm.

Ewok - played by Doug Martin
Casting Comments: Don't those cute little ewoks just look like big mutant hamsters...maybe muscle hamsters?

C3PO - played by Mike Glennon
Casting Comments: Let's face the facts here, the two look a lot alike.

R2D2 - played by Demar Dotson
Casting Comments: R2D2 rolls around on 3 legs and has an answer for everything. 

Darth Vader - played by Cam Newton
Casting Comments: That visor mask is scary on Cam's helmet!

Emperor Palpatine - played by Sean Payton
Casting Comments: Oh, everyone loves him as he rallies the people in a sick and sadistic way with his offensive plans. Eventually, the true dark side is revealed.

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