Bucs Strategy vs. Redskins Defense

The Redskins defense might not have a bunch of recognizable names on it, but they will be a tough test for the Bucs young offense.

Lovie Smith:

(On wide receiver Mike Evans)
“Just talking about Mike, we need Mike to come [along], but for our football team we like what we’re seeing as far as the direction we’re going offensively. To be able to add Mike Evans’ best ball to that, yeah, that’s exciting too. Sometimes it’ll take you awhile for whatever reason. Injuries can hold you, they can stop that progress a little bit. Mike is healthy now – getting away from ball, getting a chance to start anew with everyone. He’s a great player and we need him to play that way each week.”

(On if teams are defending Evans differently than in his rookie season)
“No, there is only so much you can do really. You can sugarcoat it all you’d like. You can roll-up, double-cover a guy, but you can’t do that very often. You are hurting yourself somewhere else. Most of the time, the receiver is going to be in a one-on-one situation outside. That’s where we have to be able to win.”

(On Washington’s defense and their defensive coordinator Joe Barry)
“Typical Joe Barry-type stuff. You know they’re going to play hard. You know Joe is an energy coach, so you’re going to see that. [They are] sound, so that’s [what] we’re getting. They’ve taken the ball away. I know last week the takeaways were big for them, so that’s what you’re going to get. Again, I mentioned Joe Barry earlier, I know a couple of their defensive coaches – Perry Fewell also, their secondary coach, a good football coach also.”
(On Washington’s pass rush)
“Decent pass [rush]. [I] know a couple of their guys too. Stephen Paea we drafted when I was at my last job. It’s going to be one of those type – we mentioned Dashon Goldson. Of course Dashon is playing good football for them. We’re expecting a battle. We just know that our defense really needs to show up and we know how important takeaways will be in that turnover ratio each week.”

Dirk Koetter:

(On if the emergence of running back Charles Sims changes the game plan)
“Everybody wants more touches. Doug [Martin] wants more touches. Charles wants more touches. Mike [Evans] wants more touches. Vincent [Jackson] wants more touches. Every guy out there wants more touches, so no, that’s the coaches’ job. We get a game plan, we’ve got to stick to our game plan. If we’re smart, we’ll keep trying to work it where we give guys touches in the right situations, but there are 64 plays in the average NFL game, there’s only so many. I tell the coaches all the time, ‘Start dividing them up, okay? How do you want to divide them up’. The easiest thing is to turn around and hand it off to a running back. We have plays tagged for Charles every week, we have since Week 1. We continue to have plays tagged for him. We have plays tagged for everybody. Just because we have a play tagged for someone still doesn’t mean they’re going to get the ball, because there are checks involved, there’s different coverages involved, different defenses.”

(On the competition at center and not losing a job to injury)
A couple thoughts on that. First, it wasn’t that long ago that everyone in here except me was scared to death about our O-line and now we’re worried that we have too many. Let’s not worry about having too many guys, let’s not worry about that, number one. Number two, I think Coach [Lovie] Smith talked a little about that. It’s not an issue until you have both guys healthy. We haven’t had an issue because both guys haven’t been healthy. When Joe [Hawley] signed here and we went to the Houston game when Evan [Smith] got hurt, Evan was the starting center – you only have seven guys up – Joe was the swing guard/center. Joe started games in the NFL at guard and center. I’m sure Evan could play guard if we needed him to play. I don’t really see it as an issue. Both those guys are quality starting centers in the NFL. It will work itself out as Coach Smith said, when the day comes when we have them both available, they are both healthy, they are both 100 percent then Coach will have to make that call.”

(On how running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims complement each other)
“The teams that I’ve been around, you need at least two [running backs]. We feel real confident that if Bobby [Rainey] has to go in as our third – you’ve all seen Bobby before. When I was in Atlanta last year, our defensive coaches feared Bobby Rainey. There weren’t sure they could tackle Bobby. They thought Doug would just try to run them over, but they were scared Bobby would make them miss. In the Jacksonville game, Bobby and ‘Chuck’ [Charles Sims] complemented each other very well. Doug is a hit the hole fast [runner]. He has moves, he has speed, but he’s going to hit it and be a physical runner. Chuck is going to dance around a little bit more, has a nice burst, maybe a little bit more outside.  Other than the plays we tag specific, they both have to do everything and so does Bobby. When they play in practice they rotate through everything.”

(On offensive linemen Kevin Pamphile’s performance at guard against Jacksonville)
“Kevin did a good job in that game and stepped up. When Kevin came in a year ago they had high expectations for him and that was really his first chance this year to prove it and he did a good job. Our theory on that is once a guy proves he can do he should be able to do it again.”

Jameis Winston:

(On the Washington defense)
“You have to take what they give you. I guess that’s the same thing every week. The main thing is take care of the football and play the best we can play.”

Doug Martin:

(On Washington’s defense)
“They have a strong defense. We look at every defense as a strong opponent and they have a good secondary and a good, stout defensive line. [Our] guys will be ready for them.”

(On Washington’s run defense)
“They are pretty stout. It’s going to be a challenge for our O-line, but we have a lot of confidence in what they can do and I have a lot of confidence in what they can do from the last game. [I] can’t wait to see what they are going to do.”

Redskins coach Jay Gruden:

(On former Tampa Bay players Dashon Goldson and Mason Foster and how they are fitting into the Washington team this season)
“They’ve done a good job. Dashon has come in here, he’s been an instant leader. He’s our captain, was voted a captain before the season started and he runs the show [in the defensive backfield]. Mason just got here a couple weeks ago and he’s had an impact on our special teams. He hasn’t had to play a lot of linebacker yet, but he’s right in line to play that. He’s really been a help on special teams so far. They’re both good guys, play hard, and are welcome additions to our football team.”

(On injuries in Washington’s defensive backfield)
“It’s been a challenge, it really has. And you can never use that as an excuse for your lack of production, but the secondary has had a lot of challenges all [since] training camp, really. We’ve had to mix and match people in there, we’ve brought people in off the streets who are contributing big-time right now, like Will Blackmon, we’ve moved a safety to nickel – Kyshoen Jarrett is a rookie who has never really played nickel and he’s done a good job. [Bashaud] Breeland’s been nickel, he’s been corner – we lost our starting corners D-Hall (DeAngelo Hall) and [Chris] Culliver and lost our starting nickel from training camp, Justin Rogers, to an injury, so it’s been tough. I think Joe Barry and Perry Fewell deserve a lot of credit for keeping that group together. When you have that many injuries, sometimes you have to play a little bit more conservative than you want to, but I think as we get more comfortable with our corners, I think we can become more aggressive as a defense. But for the most part, I think the guys who have filled in have played well. And they have to continue to play well against this dynamic group of receivers that Tampa Bay has.”

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