Yarcho's Pick 6: Bucs Defense Implodes vs. Redskins

The Bucs had a 24-0 lead on the Redskins in the 1st half, but ended up losing 31-30 on Sunday.

Video by Justin Pawlowski

Article by James Yarcho

Time to take a look at the pathetic implosion that was the Buccaneers’ 31-30 loss at the hands of the Washington Redskins in this week’s edition of “Pick Six”. Let’s get started, shall we?

Six Topics Suitable For Debate

1.)    How hot is Lovie Smith’s seat now? After another embarrassing loss, this time blowing a 24-point lead, head coach Lovie Smith better be feeling the heat. He has an inexcusable four wins as Bucs’ head coach and this team shows no discipline whatsoever.

2.)    Why in God’s name are you kicking that field goal on 4th  and Goal? You’re at the four yard line (after a horrendous 3rd down play call) and there is under three minutes left. You score a touchdown, game over. You don’t get in? Guess what…Washington has to go 95 yards instead of 80. That was a no doubter and Lovie blew it

3.)    Where is the leadership?! There is no fire anywhere to be found. Not from McCoy, not from David. Nowhere. At this point, I don’t care how many stupid rookie mistakes Jameis makes. He needs to be the vocal leader of this team. It has to come from somewhere and they drafted him number one for a reason. No more of this “I’m just trying to prove myself,” or “I’m nobody in this league” garbage. BE SOMEBODY. Look your teammates in the eyes and tell them “This is my team and we aren’t going out like that EVER AGAIN!”

4.)    Penalties. Sixteen penalties. Six. Teen. Penalties. No excuse for that. That’s pee-wee ball.

5.)    When will this team learn how to finish games? Pretty simple: as soon as number three on this list is attained. No leaders, no closers. This team has too much talent to be this poor. Someone needs to give them a kick in the ass.

6.)    Jenkins needs to sit. This shouldn’t even be up for debate. At least Lovie woke up and realized Jennings was worthless. Put Alterraun Verner back opposite Johnthan Banks and Sterling Moore at nickel. I mean, that’s what Moore was brought in to do, right? Verner sure as heck wasn’t given that free agent contract to ride the bench or play nickel. No one in the secondary whose last name starts with a “J” should see the field anymore.


Six Numbers To Consider

16 – Number of Bucs penalties…but I bet you already knew that

.181 – Lovie Smith’s winning percentage as Bucs head coach

2 – Consecutive weeks with a defensive touchdown

128.1 – Jameis Winston’s quarterback rating

1 – Number of times in Washington’s history they’ve overcome a deficit larger than 21 to win a game…but I bet you knew that, too

700 – Days since the Bucs last winning streak


Six Better Ways To Spend Your Sunday Rather Than Watching The Bucs

6.)               6.)    Nicholas Sparks movie marathon

5.) Cleaning your neighbor’s pool

4.) Organizing your closet according to color, fabric, day of the week it should be worn on…

3.) Reading anything ever written about any member of the Kardashian family

2.) Running as fast as possible, head first into a brick wall. It’ll hurt less.

1.) Watch the Cleveland Browns. I mean, at least they might actually win.


Six Final Words

Only Tampa could’ve blown that lead

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