Bucs are Full of "Good Losers"

If you want a great example of two franchises going in opposite directions, just take a look at the coaches for the Bucs and Jets.

There has already been much debate this week as to whether Lovie Smith should be coaching his final games with the Buccaneers. The Bucs coach is 2-4 this season and 4-18 since he took over as coach last year. While Lovie Smith has continued to preach patience, other new coaches have taken their new teams right past the Buccaneers.

“I know it’s a lot, but we’re just asking you to stay with us,” Lovie said to the fans on his weekly radio show. “I mean, your team was up 24-0 and we didn’t get the job done, but eventually we’re going to get over that hump.”

Fans are tired of hearing about patience. The same thing has been preached by Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, and now Lovie Smith. Meanwhile, a coach like Mike Zimmer, who many thought would be a fit with the Bucs at one point, has done a good job at making the Vikings respectable. Dan Quinn has made a very below average Falcons defense believe, and now they're a formidable defense in the NFL.

As for Todd Bowles and the Jets, his team is 4-2, his defense is among the best defenses in the NFL, and he's saying all the right things.

"We should be upset we lost," Bowles said after his team lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday. "Show me a good loser, I'll show you a loser."

I think that quote is more telling to me about the Buccaneers current situation than anything else. We've all heard Lovie Smith, Gerald McCoy, and others say they “want to win,” but is it anything more than empty words? Forget about "wanting to win" for a moment.

Do these guys hate to lose?

Does it make them physically hurt to lose a football game?

I know it hurts me and each person reading this. Think about the greatest leaders and competitors in NFL history: Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, Dick Butkus, etc. Do you think they just "wanted to win" or did they physically hate to lose? Now ask yourself if the leaders within the Bucs organization hate to lose.

As the Redskins won 31-30 over a Bucs team who once had a 24-0 lead, I physically felt hate in my heart. There is little doubt in my mind that the fans of this organization aren't just tired of losing, but they hate it. The leaders of this franchise would likely say that you shouldn't hate anything, tell you to chill and relax, then follow that up with a "sheesh."


Please, as fans of this organization, all we ask is that you try hating to lose as much as we do. Please stop talking because we know by now, your words are empty. If you don't have that fire inside then what the hell else is there to play for other than being good losers and collecting a massive pay check?

"You have to be a decent team to get up 24-0 on a team in the NFL," Lovie Smith said at his press conference on Monday.

He would repeat that statement later in the same press conference.

"I made the statement it takes a good football team to get up 24-0 on a team in the NFL. That’s what we’re capable of doing," Lovie said again.

Those are the words of an NFL coach trying to justify a horrific choke job by saying, "at least my team got a lead." That is the definition of a good loser. When you accept a loss as a moral victory as Lovie Smith, Gerald McCoy, and others have done, you are admitting you are a good loser.

As Todd Bowles said, "show me a good loser, I'll show you a loser."

Unfortunately, the Bucs are filled with good losers right now.

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