Bucs' Rookies Take Over in Win

Jameis Winston and Kwon Alexander lead the Bucs to a win over the Falcons in Atlanta.

Today was the day that Jameis Winston and Kwon Alexander took over the Buccaneers organization.

Both players had excellent games that I don't need to rehash here. What I do need to point out is the emotion and leadership both exuded in different ways on Sunday.

Kwon Alexander found out on Friday that his little brother had died. He had a choice to make. He could go home and be with his family or he could play in the game on Sunday.

"He would have wanted me to play," Alexander said of his brother after Sunday's win.

Alexander dedicated the game to his brother, and had his best game of his young career. Alexander created two clutch turnovers that led to points, and ultimately helped the Bucs get the victory. 

On the other side of the ball, Jameis Winston was playing his 3rd straight excellent game. He was mistake free and made big plays when plays needed to be made. Winston is becoming more of a leader and more of the face of this franchise with each week that passes.

"We saw it in his eyes, he was doing this for a purpose," Winston said of Kwon Alexander. "It's different when you look in a man's eyes and he's just doing it because he's just getting a paycheck or he just likes playing football, but when you're doing something for a purpose; Family is a strong thing, and when something happens to your family, when you're a true man, and you go out and represent for your family like that, that says a lot."

The leadership of the Buccaneers organization has come under heavy scrutiny over the past few weeks. From Lovie Smith to players like Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David, questions surrounding true leadership, a hatred to lose, and playing with a purpose has been questioned. Jameis Winston and Kwon Alexander answered those questions today. While Gerald McCoy continues to say on his little radio show that they just can't seem to hold Jameis Winston back from being a leader, maybe McCoy needs to take a step down and allow the rookies who possess true leadership characteristics to take over.

"Everybody in that lockerroom has tremendous respect for the man that he is," Jameis Winston said of Kwon Alexander.

It's about time everybody in that lockerroom starts following Kwon Alexander and Jameis Winston moving forward. If they do that, we might have many more wins to celebrate about in our near future.

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