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September 9 – It wasn't pretty, but Tampa Bay escaped Dallas with a 10-6 victory on Sunday. Buccaneer Magazine has the players' and head coach Tony Dungy's reaction from Tampa Bay's opening day win against the Cowboys.

Buccaneer Magazine has the players and head coach Tony Dungy's locker room quotes from after their opening day road win against the Dallas Cowboys. Here are their quotes.

Tampa Bay RB Warrick Dunn on the performance of their offense:
"We played like we played in the preseason. We were up and down a little bit and today was good to just get a full game in and see where we are at right now. We have to limit our mistakes, but a win is a win and you have to take it."

Dunn on the Dallas defense he faced last year compared to the one they played on opening day:
"Their defense has gotten a lot better. Those guys are hustling to the ball and have a mentality of not letting anybody run on them. Those guys did a good job of keeping me in."

QB Brad Johnson on Dallas' intensity against the Bucs:
"Last year, Tampa kind of romped them, but in the first week of the season, you are going to see a lot of upsets. You saw a lot of close games today with Baltimore and Minnesota. You are going to see a lot of upsets and today, we saved face. We won a game we thought we had to on the road. It was a big NFC game and it is going to pay big dividends at the end of the season."

QB Brad Johnson on getting his first touchdown of the season:
. "It was unbelievable just to get a win. In my career, I had never beaten Dallas. I've lost some heartbreakers to these guys, so it's a great way to get off to a start. There's 15 undefeated teams at the end of this weekend and we have a huge game coming up at home next week against Philly."

QB Brad Johnson on the Dallas Cowboys:
"They have some tremendous players over there. Just because they have a knew QB, it's put a little spotlight on the whole team and the quarterback. But there's a lot of veterans over there and some Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers. They have one of the better defenses in the league. They do not give up a lot of big plays and they're tough in the running game."

CB Brian Kelly on getting a win against Dallas:
"We wanted to come in here against and NFC team, on the road and come in and get a win and we did it, and it feels great."

Kelly on his huge goal line stop on RB Emmitt Smith in the first half:
"As a defense, we try not to give up anything. They had the kickoff return and got down there in the red zone, but as a defense, that is where we really come together. We try to keep them out of the end zone and that is what we were able to do today. It was good because it was Emmitt and he is heading for the Hall of Fame, so it was even better to do it against him."

Kelly when asked if he was surprised how inspired Dallas was against the Bucs:
"Yeah, a little bit. Especially on defense, where they were a little bit a mirror of us. They were running around, getting to the football and making a lot of plays. They made a lot of play unfortunately, but when you are on the road, it's tough for an offense to play. We still did a good job as an offense and they did a good job."

Kelly on his impressions of Dallas QB Quincy Carter:
"Nothing really. He's going to be alright, but it's going to take him sometime."

Kelly on the Bucs' next opponent-the Philadelphia Eagles:
"It's our first game home and that is the team that put us out, so that's a double edged sword for them. They're coming into our territory and it's going to be nice."

DE Simeon Rice on the Bucs win against Dallas:
"Here, it's (a win) is more expected. As opposed to going out there and searching, so it makes it a better situation."

Rice on their performance on defense against the Cowboys:
"That's the type of defense this is. We're fast, in your face, type of defense. We really pursue after the ball and everybody take account of each other and ourselves, so it makes it better for the whole situation."

Rice on facing Eagles QB Donovan McNabb next week:
"We've been playing against each other since high school and now we'll play against each other. It's going to make it exciting for the group and myself."

Dungy on his team's victory on opening day at Dallas:
"This was an NFC game on the road, and these are big games. They count extra in the tie breaker proceedings and people don't realize how difficult it is to win on the road. We were expecting a dogfight and that is what we got. Our defense held us in there. Our offense moved the ball, but we just didn't finish off drives well, and we've got to work on that."

Dungy on the poor play of the special teams unit:
"We had three penalties on special teams that bailed them out of some tough situations and let them dictate the field position. We just can't have those."

Dungy on QB Brad Johnson's performance against the Cowboys:
"Brad did a great job. We talked last night in the meeting and we said we would have maybe between 30-32 passes. We really thought Brad could go 28-of-32 against the type of coverage we got, and he came close to that. He really thew to the right guys and made good decisions and really dictated the flow of the game for us."

Dungy on the stellar play of his defense against Dallas:
"We really feel like it should be our game when we send our defense on the field to protect the lead in the fourth quarter. Those guys are a very proud group and we were very happy to be able to hang on and get that victory."

Dungy on WR Keyshawn Johnson's status after being injured in the first quarter:
"He got hit early and suffered a thigh bruise, but he felt like if he stopped playing, it would tighten up, so he hung in there and played through. He made a couple of key catches in the second half. That's the type of team we have. Everybody came here wanting a win and did everything they could do to get it."

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