Bucs Blitz Prospect Watch Week 12

Each week during the college football season, we will discuss some of the college prospects who have good matchups to watch.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin, November 21st on BTN @ 3:30 PM

Dan Vitale, H-Back, Northwestern

Vitale is used as an offensive weapon more so than anything else. Whether it’s inline at tight end, in the backfield as a blocker/pass catcher or out wide, Vitale has produced for his team. Standing 6’1” and weighing in at 235 lbs, Vitale is a tweener position wise and has done the best to make the most of every opportunity he’s gotten.  

·         Versatile weapon. Unlike many traditional full backs, when Vitale is in the backfield it doesn’t give away the run thanks to his ability to get out of the backfield and catch passes.

·         Vitale shows solid route skills when in line or broken out wide and does a good job accelerating post-catch.  

·         Good mentality. Vitale is going to do what he’s asked and do it well most importantly.

·         Lacks high level athleticism

·         Due to the lack of a true defined position, Vitale will most likely be viewed as a luxury pick, with a role that must be built up.  

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Tyler Marz, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

Marz is a senior prospect standing 6’7” and weighing in at 318 lbs.  Marz was the heir to the left tackle throne at Wisconsin once Rick Wagner took the step to the NFL and has started all his games at tackle since.

·         Marz gets into position quick post snap

·         Kick step is average and needs to work on maintaining balance and position against the pass rush  

·         Has shown the ability move at angles and counter the stunt but will get beat by speed to his right

·         Footwork needs a good amount of refining as Marz gets choppy which leads to his off-balance habits

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Texas A&M @ Vanderbilt, November 21st on SECN @ 7:30 PM

Germain Ifedi, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M

Ifedi is a stout 6’5” 325 lb tackle for Texas A&M.  The junior entered the year as the left tackle and has playing time both inside and outside for the Aggies.

·         Built like a rock, people mover

·         Against the run Ifedi has shown tremendous power though he lacks ideal movement skills when moving laterally

·         Not quick enough to play the left side effectively at the next level

·         Long arms and good lower half make him an effective anchor on the edge when running to his side, moves edge defenders with ease

·         Hand placement has been an issue in pass protection and he will get beat with shiftiness

·         Raw power is off the charts, should be able to start early in his NFL career

Current draft outlook: Day 2 Selection


Steven Scheu, Tight End, Vanderbilt

Scheu is a senior prospect standing 6’5” and weighing in at 245 lbs. Scheu is a well-rounded tight end prospect with extensive work as a blocker and pass catcher.

·         Good athlete for his size

·         Gets off the line well and shows good quickness and agility

·         Good hands and understands the need to extend to the ball and not let it get into his body

·         Catch radius is a big plus as he uses every inch of his 6’5” frame

·         Solid blocker with decent technique

·         Lacks ideal top end speed

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Boston College @ Notre Dame, November 21st on NBCS @ 7:30 PM

Justin Simmons, Safety, Boston College

Simmons has now played both corner and free safety for Boston College. Simmons led the team in tackles and interceptions as a junior while splitting time between corner and safety. The senior stands 6’2” and weighs in at 201 lbs.  As the draft approaches, there’s a good chance teams want him to get another look at safety come all-star season.

·         Versatile defender whose best position is free safety

·         Shows good range when playing deep and uses his size well

·         Stands tall which causes issues at times, will struggle when hip to hip with an outside receiver

·         Reads and reacts well, willing participant against the run

·         Needs to work on his transitions in coverage when running as well as his change of direction

·         Lacks ideal athleticism (Speed/Agility need work)

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Sheldon Day, Defensive Tackle, Notre Dame

The senior is one of the top potential 3-techniques in the draft and is arguably the 1B to Jon Bullard’s 1A as a pass rusher at 3tech, don’t be fooled tho as the two prospects have a big gap in their play against the run. Day stands 6’1” and weighs in just under 290 lbs.

·         Good snap recognition and get off

·         Balanced player when rushing the passer with good change of direction and an understanding of how to get the guard off rhythm

·         Struggles against the run showing an inability to get off the block and will get locked up early against the run

·         Injuries have been an issue

·         Must show a better plan when defending against the run or he’ll be a situational pass rusher at best

Current draft outlook: Day 2 Selection



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