Quotes from Training Camp

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden comments during Thursday's practice

(On if anybody stood out today)
"I have to look at the film, it's hard to see everybody. We're pleased with the offense today in short yardage. I thought they did an outstanding job up front. I was pleased with that particular phase of our offense, defensively on third and long they stepped up, did an outstanding job. We have to go look at the film and by the end of the week, next week, I'll have some ideas about who's stepping up."

(On Howell leaving practice early, then returning)
"He left early and had an IV. He'll be back this afternoon. He just got dehydrated for whatever reason and we expect to have him back this afternoon."

(On if he thinks the team is on schedule)
"It's hard to say until we start playing the games. That's when you truly find out where you are. I will say that we have a lot of football time in the books and the guys are working really good. The execution has been very good at spots, but we still have plenty of areas that we can improve upon. I'm happy."

(On offensive line)
"They're making great progress. They're not going up against Jones Junior High everyday either. These guys they're blocking are outstanding football players, as good as there is in the world and they bring it every single play. There is no let up from (Warren) Sapp and (Anthony) McFarland and (Greg) Spires and Simeon (Rice) and then the guys that come in behind them, (Ellis) Wyms and (Chartric) Darby, these are outstanding football players and we have a second-round pick who's trying to make a mark, as well. They're challenged on every snap and I'm really impressed, as (offensive line coach) Bill (Muir) is, with the way they've stepped up and competed. Hopefully, it makes us much better as the season begins."

(On if players are showing any fatigue)
"They're handling it well. We had a special teams practice, a 45-minute stint, a couple of days ago where a lot of the players didn't practice, we were rained out a couple of days prior to that in the afternoon. This first week of training camp is critical. When we go to Tokyo the schedule is disrupted, there's not a lot of practice time, there's a lot of down time, so if you're easy now and you're not getting much accomplished and you're not getting much done on your way to Tokyo, you're really not getting anything done. Our guys are working hard together, there are some tempers flaring, there is some irritability and that comes from me also. That's just part of training camp."

(On week in Tokyo)
"We have our schedule that we spent a lot of time putting together. We researched different teams that have gone to Tokyo and played in the game. Travel is an issue, 15, 16-hour flight. What you do when you get off the flight? We're going to have a bunch of treadmills, get our guys on the treadmills, get a little sweat going, shower, meet, sleep, get up the next morning have a workout. There is some down time and the people there are going to allow us to tour the city. It's a miraculous place, I'm told. In some ways it will be festive, while we're over there, seeing the brilliance of Tokyo, Japan. We're going to play the game, get on a plane, come home, let our players regroup and get back to work."

(On conditioning of players coming into camp)
"I can't be more pleased, really. We have every guy practicing every day. We haven't had one player miss a snap for any medical reason or any conditioning issue. I'm very thrilled with the conditioning of this football team. That's probably the one thing I'm most proud about at the end of the day."

(On his personal conditioning)
"I've been in better shape, but we still have three or four weeks of training camp left."

(On Shaun King)
"He's a guy that we said when we got here we really liked and were excited to work with. I think being in the same system two years in a row has really benefited him. He's showing great command right now. He's making some excellent changes at the line of scrimmage, throwing the ball extremely well, he's on time, he's having fun and he's a confident man again. He's going to take advantage of these preseason games to get reacclimated to game speed and I'm very pleased and very encouraged about what I've seen."

(On if the constant changes hurt his development)
"He's not the Lone Ranger, now. Brad Johnson has played for I don't know how many different guys. Rich Gannon, a guy I coached previously, played for 15 different guys and Vinny Testaverde might have the all-time record. When you play quarterback in the NFL you can't use that as an excuse, now. That's just the way it is, coaches change and players change and that's the world we live in. I do believe it hasn't helped him develop as quickly as he could of."

(On offensive lineman working on technique and not memorization of plays)
"We don't have nearly the amount of wasted plays. Our defense is denying us at times and making some outstanding plays, but for the most part we're assigned. We have a man for a man, the communication is better, the execution is, obviously, much more professional at this time than it was last year."

(On shifts and motion in offense)
"You have to practice movement. We're not necessarily going to shift at all on every play, maybe we won't even shift in a game, but if you want to have that ability you have to practice shifting. We incorporate a lot of movement in just about every period. We rehearse not only the play we're going to run, but the movement that could potentially be called with it. Against our defense, they've seen a lot of these shifts, a lot of these plays, and they're a very unforgiving group, but we're trying to practice the whole package and shifting is a big part of it."

(On sending team back to huddle)
"We're after perfection here and, I think, they appreciate that, really. When it's all said and done, these players want organization and discipline. They want accountability to the man. To be a great player and put together a great season and be a champion, you have to rely on your teammate, the guy next to you. We're trying to make sure that everybody's eyes are wide open and the details are being accounted for."

(On cool down trailer)
"It cools the body temperature. That thing may not look it, but that's the exact same square footage as our locker room at Raymond James. What it's like is a halftime. Some times as a coach I've seen teams go in the locker room at halftime, come back out, it's hot and they just never really spread their wings again, they just kind of don't come out of there as well. We're practicing coming out to start the second half and at the same time we're trying to cool the body temperatures. We haven't had any injuries, knock on wood, and I do believe our new facility, our new estate right there, is paying big dividends for us."

(On nickname for trailer)
"It's a little too nice for the woodshed. I was going to call it the woodshed, but then I went in there and it's like some place Sapp would live. It's very nice in there. It's more like an estate."

(On devoting time to special teams)
"We realize that it's a big issue, not only helping you win and lose games, but putting the roster together. A lot of these players are going to make the team by making a mark on special teams and we have to try to evaluate them in that type of situation. To do that you have to practice that."

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