Bucs Blitz Prospect Watch Week 13

Each week during the college football season, we will discuss some of the college prospects who have good matchups to watch.

Alabama @ Auburn, November 28th on CBS @ 3:30 PM

O.J. Howard, Tight End, Alabama

Howard is a stout and seasoned vet on the Alabama offense. The junior stands 6’6” and weighs in at 242 lbs. Howard is versatile tight end and has continued to show his abilities in 2015.  

·         Good size and frame.

·         Movement skills in the open field are good for the position.

·         Speed is more than enough.

·         Must show better usage of his body both when receiving passes and blocking.

·         Consistency is lacking as he has yet to put it all together when it comes to matching up his play with his physical attributes.

·         Raw receiver that is still learning the nuances of the route tree.

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Kris Frost, Outside Linebacker, Auburn

Frost has moved around a bit in his time at Auburn and has dealt with changes at defensive coordinator while trying to identify his best position in the defense.  Frost dabbled a bit with entering the 2014 draft but was wise to stay an extra year as he had a lot left to prove. The senior prospect stands 6’2” and weighs in at 240 lbs.

·         Good top end speed for an outside linebacker and shows the ability to change directions.

·         Finishes with good power.

·         Has the athleticism to play in multiple coverages but must show the discipline to be relied upon.

·         Play recognition must improve along with his overall self-discipline against play fakes.

·         Against the run he has the strength to hold his own on the edge but struggles to shake loose.

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Connecticut @ Temple, November 28th on ESPU @ 7:00 PM

Anderw Adams, Safety, Connecticut

Andrew Adams is a senior safety standing 5’11” and weighing in at 207 lbs. Adams is a tackling machine and has proven to be a playmaker both in the box and out in coverage.

·         Wrap up and drop ‘em. Adams is the finishing force of the Huskies defense.

·         Plays the ball well for his size with 9 turnovers and 14 passes defended in his 4 years to date at UCONN.

·         Shows good angles and has played with good instincts particularly in 2015.

·         Must work on play recognition and discipline.

·         Undersized a bit with today’s hybrid safeties.

Current draft outlook: Day 3 Selection


Tyler Matakevich, Outside Linebacker, Temple

·         Face of the Owls defense.

·         Decisive defender

·         Has shown the ability to drop back as well as rush the passer.

·         Lacks ideal athleticism and relies heavily on being a technician.

·         Lacks ideal top end speed and will over pursue with his aggressive nature.

·         Leadership, with being the face of the defense players have shown they will follow him. True leader.

Current draft outlook: Day 2 Selection


Florida State @ Florida, November 21st on NBCS @ 7:30 PM

Dalvin Cook (Early Look 2016), THE Running Back, Florida State

Cook IS NOT ELIGIBLE for the upcoming draft but putting him in here for this game is a no-brainer. We’ve looked at Jalen Ramsey, we’ve looked at Roberto Aguayo but for this game this week, it’sall  Dalvin Cook.  Cook is a true sophomore standing 5’11” and was roughly 202 lbs ending the 2014 campaign. Cook is in all likelihood the top running back in the nation and is still seemingly underrated.

·         Decisive and explosive. Cook hit’s top gear as fast as any back in the nation.

·         Power. Few backs have shown the ability to shed the first tackler and explode, not accelerate, but explode from that step.

·         Relentless athlete that has shown a toughness and resolve few backs have shown with a willingness to play through injury and play extremely well through it.

·         Above average hands and route running though both can use some work and will undoubtedly improve with another season.

·         Injury prone? While Cook doesn’t deserve a title like this yet, it’s something to watch for as he battles through minor issues to stay healthy.

Current draft outlook: Day 1 Selection In 2017.


Antonio Morrison, Inside Linebacker, Florida

The leader of the defense and the man tasked with stopping Dalvin Cook, there are no two players better to watch do battle today than Morrison and Cook. Morrison is the epitome of resilience as he’s battled back from season ending injuries in 2014 and worked his butt off to be back and not only ready, but equally if not better than he was pre-injury. Morrison is a senior prospect standing 6’1” and weighing in at 229 lbs and will have a lot on his plate with a decimated front four for Florida.

·         Leadership. Morrison is the Florida defense from an emotional standpoint. From Bullard to Hargreaves, they all feed off his leadership in the middle.

·         Read and react skills are key to his success and he’s one of the best in the country and filling the gap.

·         Open field tackler that wraps up and drops opponents with consistency.

·         Will fall victim to over pursuit and at times will shoot the gap too early.

·         Injury history is a huge question mark for Morrison but he has a chance to put a cap on this season after a remarkable comeback and help put doubt in those minds who think he can’t make it.

Current draft outlook: Day 2 Selection

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