Yarcho's Pick 6: Bucs Crumble in Crucial Game

It was a pretty pathetic display on all accounts. Dropped passes, no pass rush, blown coverage, inept offensive line play, and the worst officiating I’ve witnessed this season. Add all those up and you have a Buccaneers team that goes back below .500 headed into a crucial division matchup against Atlanta.

Six Topics Suitable For Debate

1.) Where did last week’s team go? The dominant offense, the defensive stops, the huge strides that appeared to have happened. They’re all gone. This was reminiscent of the week three, week four Buccaneers, not a team that was as hot as any other in the league headed into week twelve.

 2.) What happened up front? This was one of the most despicable performances by this offensive line all year. They allowed five sacks to a team that had fourteen all season to that point. It looked like a line of eight J.J. Watts coming at Winston every play

3.) Where did Doug Martin go? 92 rushing yards. At Halftime! He got three carries all second half. You don’t win that way. Doug was breaking tackles and gaining positive yards running right up the middle all first half. Why all the tosses and sweeps? It didn’t make any sense. Indianapolis is too fast for that. We’ve seen it all season: feed Doug the ball and you put yourself in a position to win. Instead, they went pass heavy and scored zero second half points as a result.

4.) Good heavens, those officials… You all saw it. Not much to dive into, there. Was it the sole reason for the loss? Of course not. That being said, having a fumble recovery called back on a phantom hold, a bogus offensive pass interference, a neutral zone infraction on a clear false start…the list goes on and on. I’m not sure even the Panthers or Patriots could’ve overcome that officiating crew.

5.) Mike Evans…just catch the damn ball. Beat his man and had a pinpoint accurate pass dropped right into his hands…then he dropped it on the turf. It was a sure touchdown and it just fell through his hands. No deflection, not underthrown, nothing. This is becoming a real problem and what’s worrisome is Evans may not be able to fix it.

6.) This Jekyll-and-Hyde stuff is getting old. As good as they looked and as much as most of us drank the Kool-Aid, this is still a below average football team right now. Jude Adjei-Barimah was exposed for the below average corner he is while Johnthan Banks continues to sit on the sidelines. The offensive line was obliterated. The defensive line still provides no pressure. They’ve improved, yes, but they have a long way to go.

Six Numbers To Consider

2 – Games back of the six seed in the NFC playoffs after both Seattle and Washington won Sunday

50 – Number of 20+ yard plays by the Bucs offense this season

2 (again) – Number of consecutive division games coming up for the Bucs

1 – Career missed extra points for Connor Barth after his miss Sunday

1:1 – Winston’s TD:Interception ratio in losses. He had one of each against Indy

1000 – The yard mark Doug Martin reached for the second time in his career. Took him 10 ½ games to get over 1000 yards on the season. Imagine what he’d get if he got some second-half carries…


Six Movie Quotes To Summarize Sunday’s Game

6.) Regarding officiating: “I’m not going to say anything…but you know I’m upset” – Vince Vaughn, “Wedding Crashers”

5.) Regarding the offensive line: “Thank you very little” – Chevy Chase, “Caddyshack”

4.) Regarding Matt Hasselbeck: “I keep getting older, they stay the same age” – Matthew McConaughey, “Dazed and Confused”

3.) Regarding passes to Mike Evans: “60% of the time, it works every time” – Paul Rudd, “Anchorman”

2.) Regarding Doug Martin: “Show me (him) the money!!” – Tom Cruise, “Jerry Maguire”

1.) Regarding the entire team in general. Week to week, quarter to quarter: “I’m in a glass case of emotion!” – Will Farrell, “Anchorman”


Six Key Players

Ok, normally this is where I list the top six players of the game, but there really aren’t six worthy of it. I’ll give Doug Martin his props for breaking the 1000-yard mark for the season. Outside of that, no one is worth naming here. Just a disgraceful performance by the whole team.


Six Reasons To Still Be Optimistic For The 2015 Season

6.) Jameis Winston: No, this wasn’t his best game, but it wasn’t his worst either. And how freaking incredible is he on third downs? Well, when his receivers can hold on to the ball.

5.) The remaining schedule: The Bucs get the Falcons and Saints in back to back home games, then at the Rams, home against the Bears, then ending at Carolina. All winnable games. Yes, all. Unless Carolina is looking at 16-0, they’re going to be resting starters. Honestly, the Bears are the hottest team they will face.

4.) Austin Seferian-Jenkins: Save the “he’s soft” crap for somewhere else. Fact of the matter is, ASJ is an impact player in the passing game and red zone. His return will drastically help this team

3.) Johnthan Banks: Believe it or not, he’s still on the team and can help this secondary. Maybe after Sunday’s pitiful showing, Adjei-Barimah will end up back to the bench and Banks can get back on the field.

2.) The NFC free-fall: Look at the teams in the playoffs as of now. The Packers are a shell of themselves, the Falcons are Falconing, the Redskins are leading the dumpster fire NFC East, the Seahawks are playing well but not like they have the last two years. This conference is wide open. The Bucs, for the most part, control their own destiny.

1.) They’ve shown they are starting to get it: Again, Sunday was pitiful. Just think for a moment about how far this team has come. They are putting it together, albeit slowly, but it’s happening. That patience thing the fans were getting so sick of hearing, it’s beginning to pay off. Not to come down on them too hard, but they took a step back Sunday. Take that in stride, though. Look at all the steps forward in recent weeks. As long as they don’t take another step back against Atlanta, this team can still finish .500 or better come season’s end.


Six Final Words

Who’s ready for deep fried Falcon?

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