Yarcho’s Pick Six: Bucs Disappoint In Prime Time

It was ugly from the jump, and despite a great 4th quarter performance by Jameis Winston, the Bucs fall short in St. Louis and officially remove themselves from playoff contention. I’ll say this, going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the second half of the game was the right decision. So with that, let’s Pick Sith!...er, um, Six. Pick Six.

Six Topics For Debate

1.) What in the world happened? Another backup quarterback who lit the Bucs defense up, Winston missing targets high, low, short, and long, and an offensive line completely manhandled by Aaron Donald.

2.) Were we all fooled?  The playoff hype was real…or so we thought. Was this team ever actually good enough to make the postseason? The last two weeks proved they were not.

3.) The NFL needs to stop the “color rush” stuff. Now, I love the jerseys the Bucs wore last night, but all these teams wearing the same color head to toe is too much. It hurts the eyes, doesn’t get picked up well in HD, and is a cheap marketing ploy. Stick with special jerseys for TNF, but let there be some color contrast so we all stop getting migraines.

4.) Winston’s post-game photo op with Gurley. I get the swapping of jerseys between Winston and Gurley. I loved it. But did anyone notice the look on Winston’s face? This guy was pissed. He hates to lose more than probably every other Buccaneers player combined. The Bucs need more of that attitude, more of that “win at all costs” mentality.

5.) Is there any doubt Vincent Jackson should be retained for next season? This offense is a shell of itself when he isn’t in there. Dye can’t catch a ball, and when he does he throws it in the air, trying to give it to the other team. Evans can catch sometimes, and he did have some solid catches against the Rams. ASJ needs to reign in the celebrations when his team is losing. VJax provides leadership, professionalism, class, and reliability to this offense. Anyone that says he “costs too much” needs to shut it.

6.) Most important position to draft in the first round? Is it corner? Pass rusher? Will they need a running back or will they keep Martin? It’s time to start looking ahead to the spring and what direction the Bucs will go in this off-season


Six Numbers To Consider

238- Passing yards by Winston in the 4th quarter

6- Personal fouls on Will Gholston, most in the NFL

158.0 – Case Keenum’s quarterback rating…perfect

190 – Number of yards more the Bucs had on offense than the Rams

15 – Field goals of 50+ yards Connor Barth has as a Buc, tied for the most in team history with Martin Gramatica

30 – First downs by the Bucs, tied for most in a game in team history


If the Buccaneers Were “Star Wars” Movies…

In celebration of last night’s release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, here is a little tribute to the movie franchise


Episode I: The Phantom Menace – Gerald McCoy

Pretty self-explanatory

Episode II: Attack of the Clones – Lavonte David

Not saying he’s an exact clone of Derrick Brooks, but Lavonte has been on fire lately. Especially making big plays at key moments.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith – Mike Evans

His hands always seem to let us down, don’t they? They were the chosen ones!!!

Episode IV: A New Hope – Jameis Winston

Again, pretty self-explanatory

Episode V: Empire Strikes Back – Lovie Smith

His Tampa-2 defense and hand-picked corners always seem to spell certain doom for our rebellion, don’t they?

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – Doug Martin

The force is strong in this one. Martin should be front runner for “Comeback Player of the Year”


Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Bucs Fans

Despite a rocky start and some uninspired performances, Bucs fans are starting to buy in and believe in this team. Mostly due to Winston, but whatever it is, there has been an awakening in Tampa. Believe in Jameis. Let it in…


Six Last Words

Another big letdown in prime time

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