Yarcho’s Pick Six: Bucs Blow Another One

Another week, another mistake filled performance by the Buccaneers. To think, at one point the Bucs were leading 7-0 and had just returned an interception to the Bears’ 15-yard line. Things changed quickly, however, and we saw more regression from this Buccaneers team. Now, let’s pick six for the final time in 2015.

Six Topics Suitable For Debate

1.) What happened to Doug Martin? For a guy who was breaking of chunks of yards like he had all season, suddenly Martin found himself with a case of the fumbles. Martin had two critical fumbles in the game, leading to ten Bears points. Not a good look for a guy who was in contention to be the league’s leading rusher.

2.) Can Winston learn to throw a deep ball? I’ve jumped all over Mike Evans for dropping easy passes. We all have. But how about Winston hitting wide open receivers on deep throws? He missed Evans and Dye on back to back plays. If Evans had caught his ball, it would’ve been extremely impressive since he had twist around like a contortionist, given that Winston threw to the wrong shoulder. Then he has Dye wide open and underthrows him, allowing the defender to close in a bat the ball away. Winston has to focus on this aspect of his game in the offseason. The Bucs have left too many points on the field this year because of poorly thrown deep balls.

 3.) Keith Tandy: Have a day, young man! Keith Tandy played like a man possessed yesterday. Made key tackles for loss, shedding blocks. An all-around stellar day for a guy playing like trying to make the 2016 team. Where was this Tandy all year long? And can he slingshot himself into a starting role if he continues on this path?

4.) Is there any doubt the Bucs need Vincent Jackson back? I’ve been beating this drum the last few weeks, and guess what? I’m going to continue all offseason until it’s confirmed that he is returning. This offense does not function properly without VJax in it. There will be fans clamoring for Alshon Jeffery in free agency, but do not underestimate the value of Jackson. His leadership, knowledge, and reliability are irreplaceable. Yes, Jeffery is younger and will provide another solid threat opposite Evans, but not at the expense of Jackson. Period.

5.) Can we stop with the “Gerald made the pro bowl so the media is overcritical” narrative? The pro bowl is a joke. Some players, like Martin, made it because they earned it. Other guys make it because they have a name the casual fans recognize. It’s essentially a popularity contest with little to few exceptions. Watch the games. Watch the film. McCoy has played extremely poor this season. I understand he has a torn rotator cuff, but if that was the case, he should’ve sat out and healed. McCoy is good, but not so good that a “70% McCoy is better than a 100% (enter backup’s name here)”.

6.) Better way to end the season; win or lose? The Bucs end their season at Carolina. Flashback to the final game against New Orleans when the Bucs were dominating then, all of a sudden, the wheels fell off. Most of us believed they tanked for Jameis. So, do the Bucs try to beat Carolina, or are they going to play half-heartedly and secure another top-10 pick in the 2016 draft? Which is better for the team? You would think ending on a high note would give the team some momentum headed into the offseason, but is momentum going to last until September? No. Maybe ending the season on a 4-game losing streak wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world after all…


Six Numbers To Consider

5 – Doug Martin’s rank all-time on the Bucs rushing list

22 – Jameis Winston’s passing touchdowns, most ever by a Bucs rookie

4- Jameis Winston’s rank on touchdown passes by a rookie in NFL history since the merger

6 – Consecutive games the Bucs have rushed for 100 yards

2 – Consecutive losses by Lovie Smith against his former team

1 – Game left…


Six Positions Fans Should Hope For In The Draft

1.) Defensive End

2.) Defensive End

3.) Cornerback

4.) Defensive Tackle

5.) Defensive End

6.) Cornerback

Did I miss anything?

Six Ways To Enjoy The Final Game Of The Year – The Drinking Game (Save this…you’re going to need it)

6.) Take a drink after every pre-snap penalty by the Bucs…you’ll miss the final three quarters

5.) Get one of the NERF dart guns your kids got for Christmas and try to shoot Cam in the “S” when he does his “Superman” stance. If you hit it, take a drink

4.) Take a drink every time Carolina converts on third-and-5+

3.) Any time a Bucs receiver drops a pass, take a drink

2.) Any personal foul penalty on the Bucs, take a drink

1.) And finally, if Cam Newton “dabs”…CHUG


Six Last Words

Hope you had a wonderful holiday

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